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I have a lot of projects I’m working on. But they aren’t like home-type projects. Or projects that anyone else would consider a “project” but they’re projects to me and this is my blog so I win.

Drinking tea. I know I know. Drinking tea isn’t really a hard thing to do. I mean, you have to heat up water which can kind of be a pain, but other than that, it doesn’t take much skill. I just have a lot of tea in the house for some reason and my OCD keeps telling me to make room in the cabinets. What can I get rid of? How can I make space? The answer was simply to drink all the tea that we had in the course of a week. I’ve been having 5-6 cups a day which is weird because I usually hate drinking water or anything that isn’t Diet Pepsi, but I had to do it to make space for other food. (I realize I could have simply moved the tea, or given it to someone else, but no.)tumblr_meexwxdvog1qdqeteo1_500

Teeth whitening. Ever since I questioned my dental hygienist about whether I should get my teeth whitened, I’ve been interested in the process. The only reason I became more interested is because my hygienist’s answer was that my teeth were “pretty white” but “they could be whiter.” Well there you have it. They aren’t perfect and this is making me feel gross. I didn’t feel comfortable asking my parents to pay for my teeth whitening (well, that’s not true, I felt totally comfortable but it just didn’t end up happening) so I bought an at-home whitening kit. And no, I didn’t buy Crest White Strips. I’m not made of money! I didn’t think the kit was doing it’s job until Paul and I were eating lunch the other day and he told me my teeth looked white. AWWW. Love that guy.

Lotioning. I’m getting prepared for tanning season, or summer as other people refer to it. If your skin isn’t moist and lotioned nicely, your tan won’t stick, and you’ll be ugly. At least that’s what I tell myself. Plus, lotion smells good and it makes your legs look silky. Nice, luxurious lotions can be costly though. I purchased three good-sized bottles for $40 from Sephora and the scents are so weird. The first one I used was Lemon and Sage. It was okay, and thankfully the sage was kept to a minimum. I didn’t want to come off smelling like a lost love child of Stevie Nicks. The scent I’m currently using, and second in the pack is Blood Orange and White Pepper. Like, who was in charge of that combination? It sounds like a new potato chip flavor. But it’s actually more orangey than peppery so it’s not that bad. Actually, it’s not bad at all. Luckily, the last scent is Raspberry Champagne. Save the best for last. Always always. Except with food. Definitely eat the best things first so no one else can have them.s1242437-main-Lhero

Running. UGH. I thought I was over this torture. I hadn’t been consistently working out since I moved to Canada. I used to be one of those people who worked out all the time. Then I moved and got distracted. I tried working out, doing different things so I wouldn’t lose interest, but I lost interest a lot. The other day, however, I ran on the treadmill for a bit and I really liked it. So I guess I’m getting into that again. *sigh*

Do you have any “projects” that you’re working on?


51 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Our definitions of projects differ greatly, but I know what you’re saying.

    I have way too many projects I wouldn’t know where to begin so I won’t. Does watch more movies count? That’s in the same vain as drinking tea, right?

    • I thought my title was very Mooselicker-esque, dontcha think? But yeah I shouldn’t really call them projects. I’m glad you know what I’m getting at though.

      Watching movies always counts as a project. You have to educate yourself on entertainment and pop culture. That’s really the only way to do so.

  2. Does it ever seem to you like Stevie Nicks doesn’t shower often? Ugh. She is one celebrity I will just never, ever get.

    My current project is talking myself out of having another kid. It’s working out well because I am in total agreement with myself that one is enough. (This is code for I don’t have any projects going at the moment.)

    • Totes. But I do have love for Stevie. I love me some Fleetwood. And her solo stuff is good too. I don’t know, but I guess I’m just entranced by her witchy ways.

      Okay you should defs have another kid. Look how perfectly C turned out! But that being said, you should wait a year or two because then you can enjoy the blissful years of just you and C.

    • Key lime flavor is one of my fave yogurt flaves. Yummm. You’re right about it doubling as lotion. I feel like your skin would get a lot of nutrients from it.
      Perfect teeth are slightly alarming. I just don’t want yellow teeth :/

  3. Mm raspberry champagne. I bought a raspberry almond scone flavoured body wash from sephora a while back and it is AMAZING except I sort of want to eat it right out of the bottle. Do you think that would be harmful?

    • Raspberry almond scone. That sounds so yum. Have you tried Laura Mercier’s hand lotion in Creme Brulee? O my G is that stuff good. I don’t think they sell it in Sephora, but maybe at Laura Mercier counters in department stores.

      I think if you ate a bottle of lotion it would be both harmful and delicious at the same time. You would die a beautiful death. So chic.

  4. unfetteredbs says:

    I let my friends talk me into taking golf lessons in May. I am wondering how and why I did this. I am a competitive little runt and will end up losing my cool for sure.
    Drinking tea is a project in my house too. My husband buys so many boxes that he puts it all on the very top shelf in the kitchen–Like 7 feet high up– I have to get a step ladder out and use a spatula to scoot it off the shelf– then I have to catch it. It is my new exercise regime. By the time I catch it, I need a giant mug of the Tension Tamer Tea.

    • Lol I love picturing you golfing. I’m so scared to try golf because I honestly don’t understand how people hit the ball so far or even know where to aim! I’m a pro at mini golf though. We should play some time 😉

      Hah Tension Tamer Tea. I love the names of tea. I have a bunch of the Starbucks ones and the names are so dumb like, Passion, Refresh, or Zen. It’s like really? Am I really going to feel zen after I drink a cup of this? The answer is no.

  5. Tea. I have a that covered years ago.
    Running. Been planning to do it for ages, I think it will remain as a plan though 🙂
    Sims. Trying to make all my characters do the WooHoo 🙂

    • Tea is yum. And very comforting 🙂
      Good on your for not making your body do harsh and painful things like running.
      Yes Sims! I love gaming-computer games, video games, facebook games. Love em. I wish you luck! 😀

    • When you find out how, will you share your secrets with me?

      Actually, I know how: Visit Canada without a visa. You won’t be able to work because you won’t be a citizen. Lots of time to never get out of your robe. But then you would have to live in Canada…

      • Actually, legitimately blaming the gov’t for my laziness sounds like the greatest excuse ever.
        You should do an infomercial, and when people send money to find out your secret, tell em “Move to Canada!”
        Best part, you’re not in the US, so it’s probably not prosecutable as mail fraud!

  6. I am really in love with those tea pictures. I really love teacups but really hate tea so I usually make candles out of them. As for projects I’m currently trying to prove that soda is good for you. Better for you than a glass of red wine. I’m getting close…

    • Thanks! I didn’t take the pictures, I just stole them from Tumblr. Heh. I wasn’t ever a big tea drinker, but I find myself going in and out of moods with it. I like the idea of your teacup candles though! How cute!

      Omg pleaseee give me your research when you’re done. I hate when people hate on soda. It’s honestly God’s gift to the world and I wish more people would accept it’s beauty.

  7. I never use lotion. My dentist told me my teeth were as white as natural white comes. Of course, I want whiter than natural white to offset the big purple and blue bruise they left on my cheek.

    • Yeah but you’re already sexy so you don’t need lotion.
      That’s so nice that you have naturally white teeth. I’m super jealous. Mine are average I think. The dentist left a bruise on your cheek? Did he punch you in the face? Must catch up on your blog!

  8. Your teeth are white. Trust. The dental assistant has to say that. No one has perfectly white teeth. They would be freaky looking. Only you could write a post about tea as a project. Lol!!!!!!!!

    • You are my mom and you have to tell me I have white teeth otherwise I would cry. She doesn’t have to say that! In fact she told me I was fine and then after looking at my teeth for a bit she was like, “I see what you mean”!!! She gets it.
      Lol tea projects. My life is so challenging.

  9. My current project is saving up for Europe, which is only a few months away (and a couple of thousand dollars. Scary thought). Other than that, I’m trying to exercise more. Although saying that, I don’t think my body is particularly fond of exercise. My friend and I did the 1000 steps (basically climbing up a mountain) and instead of feeling full of endorphins and energy my body got a weird temperature and I was exhausted. Surely my body’s way of saying I’d used up my energy quota for the day.

    • Saving for Europe sounds awesome! Besides the whole saving thing. But that’s definitely something to look forward to. Good for you!
      Omg I went on a hike last week and I almost died from walking uphill for half an hour. So intense, right? Walking downhill is almost worse…so scary! Glad we both survived!

  10. I was actually drinking tea whilst reading this. Due to our bad NHS dentistry, having crooked black teeth makes drinking hot drinks very troublesome. In fact, it’s a skill and we take bets on who will spill the most.

    Lotioning is a great project to have. It looks simple, but there’s plenty of room for improvement and bargain hunting.

  11. I hate to give you the bad news, but tea can stain your teeth. Don’t kill the messenger, eh? Do you remember the episode of Friends where the one of actors (can’t recall his name) whitened his teeth to blazing white. Every time he smiled, you needed sunglasses.

    I am over project – ed. With the help of YouTube, I taught myself (or the nice lady who made the video taught me) how to crochet a granny square on Sunday evening. Now, I have a new project to take to my quilting group on Thursday, where they will probably teach me how to do it better. But for now, I am thrilled with my new skill, and my six granny squares.

    I love this blog…just cheers me up.

    • Yes! I actually knew that about tea…and soda too! I drink a lot of both hence the need for teeth whitening! Hah yes I remember the Friends episode with David Schwimmer’s glow in the dark teeth. Oy. Hopefully that can’t really happen…

      Good for you for learning how to crochet! That’s awesome. I would love to be able to sew, knit, or crochet. They seem like such a rewarding craft.

      Aww thank you so much. I feel bad because I’ve been neglecting everyone else’s blogs. I need to make the rounds in the blogosphere!

  12. My project involves getting back into life after the weeks spent in another state and the time I’ll need to spend talking myself out of doing something to my garden. The wild look is totally acceptable, right?

    • Totally acceptable. I’m sure it will pass a brambly English garden, right? 😉
      Glad you had a good trip. I mean, I assume that it was good. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break.

    • Haha thanks Brianna! I’m glad you see the humor in it. A lot of people take me too seriously sometimes. I’m sure I’ll get a comment from someone telling me how drinking tea can’t possibly be considered a project. Heh.
      Totally! The best kind of project! We are one in the same 🙂

  13. Beware of teeth whitening! It can make your teeth look blue. So watch out. But hurray for your hubby because he says the right things :D.
    I’m working on my finals in June. I’m wroking my ass off actually. Fun fun fun *sigh*.

    • Blue teeth? Eww. It hasn’t really changed mine that much…hopefully they don’t turn blue though. Hah could you imagine? Not cute. Yeah Paul says good things 😀

      Omg finals suck so bad. I feel your pain. But good for you. That’s definitely a god project to work on. And then summer comes and it’s all worth it 😀

  14. I actually drink a minimum of two cups of tea and a cup of coffee everyday. I think it’s starting to be an addiction, but pfft if I care. And lol, we’re actually in the same boat with running. It’s been almost three weeks since I last went for a run and boy I used to run a whole lot back then. Talk about lazy-ing. 😉

    Wanna get a tan quick? Come visit the Philippines. It’s almost always hot here but now that it’s summer, it’s hotter than it “normally” is. You’ll practically get burned in an hour tops. I hate going out when it’s 10am-4pm. When you do, you’re doomed if you forgot that sunscreen.

    • Girl I would loveee to visit the Philippines, but I’m not made of money! Someday hopefully though. I love the heat but I don’t know if I could handle that extreme heat! Seems intense.
      Yeah I have a love/hate relationship with running too..we are one in the same 🙂

  15. Pete Howorth says:

    Having a poo in less than 10 minutes counts as a project right? I know some people can bash, wipe and dash but I’m one of those that likes to check every single website ever on my phone while I’m on the proceline throne and take my time or if I’m the only person in the house, move the position of my television so I can see it from the bathroom, I watched an entire episode of Lost sitting on the bog once. But those emergency poo’s right before you have to go to work makes for a great challenge.

    • Hahaha your comments make my life, Pete. I know a certain someone who likes to play app games while on the toilet (not me). Haha I think it’s just a man thing. I love that you’ve watched an episode of Lost on the bog. So amazing. You’re my hero.

      • Pete Howorth says:

        The downside to watching an entire episode of Lost is eventually your legs go numb and you have to try and wipe your ass with either numb legs or pins and needles :S

  16. MMM! TEA! Love tea. You can send excess tea to me, any time. As long as it’s black tea. I don’t like fruity tea or green tea.
    Projects… I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo, trying to write 50k in 30 days. I am waaayyy behind, but I’m about to come out of nowhere and BAM! Win this thing. Mhmm.
    Organizing my swap stuff. I have REALLY gotten into swapping, and the stuff I keep on hand for swapping and the things I receive were kind of all over the place. We bought two crates which I turned sideways to be like a bookshelf. WOO!

    • You are such a crazy writer. How you can write that much, I will never understand. I’m so retarded and scattered when it comes to writing. I also forget what I’m trying to write about half the time and wander into different subjects.
      That’s awesome about swapping! And really cool about the crates! I don’t know what I would swap if I could. Hmm I don’t know if anyone would want my weird stuff haha!

      • Lol. I do a lot of planning before I start writing, so I know where it’s going. Otherwise I’d lose my mind. Haha.

        As for the swapping, you can swap anything you want! Bookmarks, tea, notebooks… Anything you have access to. For me, I don’t find many cool bookmarks here, so I’m happy to buy 20 of what I find, and then trade ’em for cool stuff. And trade tea brands and flavours. It’s pretty awesome.

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