Tennis Lessons

I enjoy writing about my adventures in trying to be sporty. I’m all for trying new things. It’s sticking with them, or even learning to like them that I have a problem with. However, I’ve always really liked tennis even though I’m don’t have much skill.

Luckily for me, my husband is a bit of tennis champ and doesn’t mind running me around the court for a while. Playing with him really improved my skills. But I’m still at a very basic level. Being the sweet guy that he is, my husband bought me beginner’s tennis lessons for a birthday present.

It’s nice because I don’t work during the day (or at all…) so I was able to sign up for one of the day-time classes that weren’t as crowded. I even got a free racquet! The best part is that my class has only two other women in it and they both have little to no experience playing so they make me look like Venus Williams. One lady wears jeans for every class.

My coach uses me for the demonstrations before the lessons which is fun but intimidating. He’s from Portugal originally and his accented English is pretty good. He refers to me as “Lee Lee” which I quite enjoy.tumblr_mnavnujRCH1qgcra2o1_500

So far we’ve learned a lot about grip, positioning, and different types of swings. There’s so much to think about before you make a move! I kind of prefer not knowing anything about anything and just being a spaz on the court. But, I guess I’m becoming a better player.

I always feel so awkward whenever my teacher asks us to go through the motions instead of actually playing or hitting the ball. The practice swings make me cringe and any time he suggests we do a “warm-up shuffle” I’m liketumblr_mjga0iZnU51rsdvumo1_500

And sometimes my teacher, ehm sorry, I mean my COACH asks us really confusing questions. Like, questions about technique or other stuff that I have no idea about. I also have trouble hearing him when he’s on the other side of the court. I probably look so confused the entire time. I’m usually like “Ummm idk?”tumblr_lqgdsbVGMq1r0gsgto1_500

So yeah overall tennis has been pretty fun and challenging. I’ve also had a private lesson because the other two women weren’t there during my last class. Next time you see me, I’ll most likely be at the US Open.

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The Naked Bike Ride

Yesterday, I was just minding my own business at Starbucks when I heard some ruckus down the road. Before my brain could process what was happening, I thought to myself, “Hey those bike riders look like they’re naked.” And hey, guess what? They were.

I witnessed The Naked Bike Ride. I wasn’t prepared to see floppy boobs and small penises during my Starbucks outing, but I guess it was my lucky day. There was even someone ballsy enough to roller-blade (yay?). My husband and the rest of the Starbucks diners were laughing and giggling and Paul leaned over and said to me, “Only in Victoria.”

Naked Bike Ride Victoria

Naked Bike Ride Victoria

Turns out Victoria wasn’t the only lucky spot in the world. The Naked Bike Ride occurred all over the place! Cities throughout North America and Europe have participated in the Naked Bike Ride. Riders decorate their bodies with paint and other materials, or just go naked. Personally, I think riding a bike with clothes on is painful enough around the groin area, so why would anyone want to subject themselves to the harsh seats of bikes without any protection?

Because they want to be noticed, of course! The Naked Bike Ride isn’t just for shits and gigs (at least, lets hope shits aren’t involved). They’re around to raise awareness for various causes. I think the first bike ride took place in British Columbia in 2003 where the riders simply rode for peace. The ride this year was to protest against oil dependency and in favor of sustainable transportation.

I’m not a big awareness gal. Like, if people try to stop me on the sidewalk to talk about random causes where they need my support and money, all of a sudden I’m “in a huge rush!” The only thing I really care about is helping animals. That being said, I totes respect the naked riders because I definitely couldn’t do that. A lot of the girls were wearing undies though. Why were the men so eager to get naked but the women will only go halfway. Go big or go home, right?

Did you see any naked riders in your neck of the woods? Were you scarred for life or did you love it?

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Learning to Golf A.k.a. LOL

I am not a sporty person. I’d rather participate in individual events than having to depend on other teammates. Or worse, having people depend on me. That being said, there is one sport in particular that I am terrified of and that is golf. I could only dream of having the aid of teammates with this sport. But unfortunately I’m the only person who can help me. (I feel like I’m being really dramatic.) I mean, people can help me by giving me tips, but I have to figure out how to move my body properly. It would also help if I could hit the ball when I wanted to.

I always knew I would be terrible at golf. Some sports I look at and I’m like, okay I could do that. Like volleyball or tennis–I’m not great, hell, I’m not even good, but I can get away with looking like I know what I’m doing. Kind of. But whenever Paul watches golf, I get confused by so many things:

How do the golfers know where to aim? You can’t even see the flag from the beginning of each hole so like, do the golfer just guess where to swing? Unclear.

Why do there have to be so many different clubs? Can’t there just be one kind that works for every type of swing? Why do I have to learn which iron or wood to use? Why are there numbers involved? 9 irons? Drivers? Putters? How annoying.

Who decided 18 was an appropriate number for holes in a course? Did they realize that it takes hours upon hours to complete a full game? I mean, that’s cool if you like golf a lot, but do you still like it after 4 hours of playing? Probs not.

The one thing that I do approve of are the chic clothes that you get to wear. Lots of argyle and polos and plaids, oh my! So that’s fun.

I’ve only been to the driving range thrice in my life and one of those times was when I was twelve. The other two times were recently when Paul was trying to teach me some golf basics. Needless to say I’m the worst and try to stand far away from anyone else because I’m so embarrassed for myself.

Luckily I have a patient teacher. And I don’t even brag about how much better I am at putting than he is. Much.44812_10152744828415543_370389692_n

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I have a lot of projects I’m working on. But they aren’t like home-type projects. Or projects that anyone else would consider a “project” but they’re projects to me and this is my blog so I win.

Drinking tea. I know I know. Drinking tea isn’t really a hard thing to do. I mean, you have to heat up water which can kind of be a pain, but other than that, it doesn’t take much skill. I just have a lot of tea in the house for some reason and my OCD keeps telling me to make room in the cabinets. What can I get rid of? How can I make space? The answer was simply to drink all the tea that we had in the course of a week. I’ve been having 5-6 cups a day which is weird because I usually hate drinking water or anything that isn’t Diet Pepsi, but I had to do it to make space for other food. (I realize I could have simply moved the tea, or given it to someone else, but no.)tumblr_meexwxdvog1qdqeteo1_500

Teeth whitening. Ever since I questioned my dental hygienist about whether I should get my teeth whitened, I’ve been interested in the process. The only reason I became more interested is because my hygienist’s answer was that my teeth were “pretty white” but “they could be whiter.” Well there you have it. They aren’t perfect and this is making me feel gross. I didn’t feel comfortable asking my parents to pay for my teeth whitening (well, that’s not true, I felt totally comfortable but it just didn’t end up happening) so I bought an at-home whitening kit. And no, I didn’t buy Crest White Strips. I’m not made of money! I didn’t think the kit was doing it’s job until Paul and I were eating lunch the other day and he told me my teeth looked white. AWWW. Love that guy.

Lotioning. I’m getting prepared for tanning season, or summer as other people refer to it. If your skin isn’t moist and lotioned nicely, your tan won’t stick, and you’ll be ugly. At least that’s what I tell myself. Plus, lotion smells good and it makes your legs look silky. Nice, luxurious lotions can be costly though. I purchased three good-sized bottles for $40 from Sephora and the scents are so weird. The first one I used was Lemon and Sage. It was okay, and thankfully the sage was kept to a minimum. I didn’t want to come off smelling like a lost love child of Stevie Nicks. The scent I’m currently using, and second in the pack is Blood Orange and White Pepper. Like, who was in charge of that combination? It sounds like a new potato chip flavor. But it’s actually more orangey than peppery so it’s not that bad. Actually, it’s not bad at all. Luckily, the last scent is Raspberry Champagne. Save the best for last. Always always. Except with food. Definitely eat the best things first so no one else can have them.s1242437-main-Lhero

Running. UGH. I thought I was over this torture. I hadn’t been consistently working out since I moved to Canada. I used to be one of those people who worked out all the time. Then I moved and got distracted. I tried working out, doing different things so I wouldn’t lose interest, but I lost interest a lot. The other day, however, I ran on the treadmill for a bit and I really liked it. So I guess I’m getting into that again. *sigh*

Do you have any “projects” that you’re working on?

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Spring Favorites

I used to have seasonal favorites segments on my blog, you know, my favorite things during that time in my life. But I stopped doing them for some reason. Maybe I stopped liking things. Regardless, I am back with new favorites and some shameless self-promotion. Whatevs.

1. Heart. As in Heart the band. My husband really likes Heart and I’d never really given them a chance so I always thought he was crazy. But I’ve been listening to them on repeat for 4 days and it’s starting to get weird. Like, I cannot stop. It’s unhealthy. I like blasting Alone in my room and pretending I’m some love-sick 80’s teenager.

2. Tumblr. If you’re bored and like looking at pictures of funny things, pretty models, and cool photography, you should check out my tumblr. I’d taken a long break from posting stuff on there but now I’m back into it and I’m lovin’ it! There is a link to it at the top of my blog where it says “My Links” or you can click HERE.

3. Candy Crush. I have a love/hate relationship with this Facebook game. It’s so addicting. I’m one of those people who will play every video game and computer game around. I love Facebook games and I’m not ashamed of it. I was a little late on the uptake with this one though. I thought I was over my love of gaming. Then, one rainy day I bought the App for my iPad and I haven’t looked back since.Candy-Crush-Saga-for-iPad-5

4. My friend’s blog. I have a friend here who’s almost in an identical situation as me–stuck in Canada, missing the states, etc. Except she’s from San Diego so she really must be feeling the pain! Her recent blog post describes both of our feelings towards Canada very well–we shouldn’t be complaining…but we still manage to do so. If you wanna check it out click HERE.

5. Long walks. I’ve been going on hour long walk/runs lately and its been really refreshing. Maybe it’s because the weather has been so nice here and it feels like spring has finally sprung. My favorite places to walk are along the ocean and through parks. Very serene and peaceful.

6. Kidz Showz. If you haven’t visited my other blog that I share with Mooselicker, what are you waiting for?! It’s chock full of everyone’s favorite memories–children’s shows! I think everyone can bond over kid’s shows, whether you hate them or you love them or you love to hate them, they’re around and they’re not going anywhere. We talk about movies, TV shows, character studies, certain episodes–the topic is endless. If you are interested in guest posting, contact either Tim or myself and we will hook you up with the deets! There’s a link in “My Links” or you can click HERE.

What are some of your favorite things this Spring?

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Surfing USA..ehm I Mean Canada

I have a rule with myself where I can’t hate anything until I try it. Actually that’s not true at all. I pretty much hate everything off the bat and then realize that I really like to do whatever it is I was hating on after trying it. And I’m always up for trying things at least once.

My wonderful husband found a Groupon for a weekend’s stay in a cabin at a seaside town up island called Ucluelet (or Ukee as the locals call it). Ukee’s neighboring town is called Tofino and it’s known for being a quaint little surf town. I couldn’t wrap my head around Canada having it’s own surfing location. Especially in February. How many waves could there really be? And wouldn’t the water be frozen? It’s already too cold to go into even in the summer months, so I figured there was no way people could go in during the winter. I was wrong.

Not only did we have a Groupon for our accommodation, we also had Groupons (given to us by my friend who wasn’t going to use them) for surf lessons.

Ukee and Tofino were dead during this time of the year. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed and there were only locals and die-hard surfers cruising about. The population during the winter in these towns is usually around 2,000 and increases to 10,000 during the summer. Crazy huh? This is the reason why I keep referring to Ucluelet as Ukee–I’m basically a local. Also,  there was a surprising amount of Australians there. I don’t know why they would be in Tofino during the winter, while it’s summer in Australia, but whatevs.

A rocky beach in Ucluelet. I definitely didn't go surfing there.

A rocky beach in Ucluelet. I definitely didn’t go surfing there.

Our little cabin that we stayed in was adorbs. It was one room with a loft at the top. There was a mini kitchen, a breakfast nook, and even WiFi! It was called Surf’s Inn. We stayed in what they called a Rainforest Cottage. I bet you didn’t know that Ucluelet and Tofino are home to some of the biggest rainforests. Don’t get excited–not tropical rainforests. Temperate rainforests. I didn’t know they existed either. Kind of like how I didn’t know Tofino or Ucluelet existed.

I was really dreading the day that we had reservations to go surfing. I knew I would freeze in the water and that my body would hurt from all the exercise. But I was wrong. Well, my body definitely hurt from all the exercise, but I didn’t freeze. The water was 45 degrees Fahrenheit and I was swimming in it like it was no big deal. I never realized the beauty of wetsuits until the day that I went surfing in the Pacific Ocean in February.

When we met our surf instructor at Tofino Surf School, I couldn’t stop smiling when I listened to him talk. He sounded like Crush from Finding Nemo. It was amazing. He used words like, “noggin”, “sweet”, “killer”, and “rad”. It was too good. Like, that alone was worth the money. Not that we paid for anything since we had Groupons, but still. He was a gem.Crush

I don’t think I was built for surfing. First of all, I have no upper body strength. Just carrying my board to the beach made my arms ache. So the fact that I tried to push myself up into a standing position on my board and failed miserably, was no surprise to me. I was able to catch waves, just not stand up on them. I gave it a good two hours until I called it quits. My body just wouldn’t cooperate after a while so there was no use. But it was still amazing to try and really fun.

I have no shame anymore so here's a picture of me in a wetsuit. So flattering.

I have no shame anymore so here’s a picture of me in a wetsuit. So flattering.

After surfing we had some delicious grub at a restaurant called Shelter. I had a shrimp and bacon sandwich with yam fries. It was just what my body needed. Then I slept like a log for 2 hours.

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Skiing With Lily (Guest Post by CozyinChicago)

Look at me, I am so cool writing a “guest post.”  Really, Lily doesn’t know what she agreed to! ha ha.  Lily and I go way back as we grew up close to each other in the Chicago area.  And, it just so happened that we ended up at the same college for a while until she decided to be too “cool” for the USA and hop over the pond to London…ok, I guess thats kind of cool.  Now she thinks she’s super cool and landed in…Canada?  Yikes.  JK LILY.  Ok, so I decided to write about Abby & Lily’s skiing adventures, mostly because its hilarious for me and probably really embarrassing for Lily…but I know you guys will get a kick out of it.

I somehow convinced Lily to sign up for a skiing class with me in undergrad.  I mean in my mind, skiing+college credit=what could go wrong?  You basically get to ski for free for a semester and get classes which is a great deal!  Lily hadn’t ever been skiing before the class so I decided, being the wonderful person that I am, to take her up before classes started and show her the ropes.  Now while a good portion of our day consisted of taking sweet pics to post on facebook:223314_503775868189_6737_n
The rest consisted of Lily like this:safety_fall
And a lot of swearing.  Actually, I’m surprised she is still talking to me today, you all know how she is with grudges.  Then it came to the semester long class.  We had these weird sort of “try out” things where they watched us ski and then put us in classes based on ability.  Somehow I got put with the crazies who like to jump off cliffs and ski in “unchartered territory”…wtf?  My teacher literally called me “the Chicago princess” just cause I valued my LIFE.  ugh.  So while I was stuck with those bozos Lily got a PRIVATE class and got to hear all the ski instructor gossip.  Really, it was like Real Ski Instructors of Beaver Mountain or something…she’d tell me all the dirt on our rides home.  I was jealous.  By the end of the class I think Lily could make it down the hill in one piece with a little bit less swearing…right?  Don’t know if she’ll ever ski again but it was definitely some great memories.  Maybe I”ll have to make my way out to Canada for some skiing…Lily??
*If you want to read more of Abby’s work, go to CozyinChicago.wordpress.com!

TRX More Like TR Death

It’s hard to explain why I put myself into these situations. My friends asked me to workout, I agreed and before I knew it I was in a ball on the floor crying into a floor mat. Okay, that’s not true. There weren’t any mats around.

TRX is a fairly new type of workout. I’m sure pros would tell you that it’s been around for hundreds of years, like yoga or something. I can totally imagine Gandhi doing TRX.

Basically, what you do is use these long resistance straps that are attached to the ceiling, to help you workout your entire body. It’s an extremely good workout, but it has an extremely painful aftermath. And duringmath as well.

Look at that guy on the far left. Who does he think he is? Only Gandhi is allowed to do that move.

Every TRX teacher that I’ve come across (2 teachers total), have 0% fat on their bodies. It’s frightening. But at least you know that TRX gets results, right? I would try to keep up with the instructors (and the rest of the class), but it was close to impossible for me. I preferred any and all poses that had to do with laying down on the floor. Those are usually towards the end, unfortunately. And once you get up from the floor, your legs want to fall off. Truthfully, I just want to put my feet in the handles and use the bands as a rope swing. How fun would that class be?

It’s weird though, because after my first class I was super sore for the first two days and then on the third day I took another class. Trust me, it wasn’t my idea. But now this morning, I’m not half as sore as I was the first day I did it. So what’s the dealio? Am I getting used to constantly being in pain? Was it like some hair of the dog thing where the only cure to my pain was more pain? Are the teachers wizards?

I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ll never be able to do this pose. Ever ever ever. When my teacher did that, I just looked at her and said, “Yeah, no I’m not doing that.”

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How To Lose Weight Fast!

Something that both men and women struggle with is losing weight. Almost all of us want to lose those last 5, 10, or 20 pounds. Life is hard enough already. Why should we be uncomfortable in our skin as well? I’ve come up with some creative solutions to losing weight without having to exercise or eat healthy. You’re welcome.

1. Chop off a limb.This might sound scary, but I’m pretty sure that you can get a doctor to do it for you. If not, just place your arm or leg in dry ice and it should fall right off. I mean, it might be a little painful, but isn’t going to the gym painful too? Yes! And just think, you can still eat whatever you want! Stop thinking about burning calories and start thinking about burning limbs! These days you really only need one arm or one leg any way. AND if you’re satisfactory at any sport, you could totes win a Paralypmics medal!

Pick a limb, any limb.

2. Get a tapeworm. I’ve been attracted to this form of weight loss for a while. It’s almost too good to be true. You don’t have to exercise, and you can literally eat anything and everything you want. Because none of your food will be digested. The tapeworm that lives inside your intestine will eat all of the food that you’ve eaten and save you from all the cals. So thoughtful! To acquire a tapeworm, all you have to do is eat raw meat. Or become super unhygienic. Either one is a small price to pay for a quick weight loss. And then, once you’ve reached your goal weight, the doctor can remove it for you. You’ll probs have tons of stitches and have to be bedridden for a month, so think about all the extra weight you’ll lose!

3. Move to Africa. Everyone is supes skinny there. Granted, they’re dying of starvation. But like, I feel like Africa doesn’t have the best food so it would be hard to find a good meal. What if you had to hunt for food and you killed a lion for it’s meat, but then you got arrested because poaching is illegal? Then you’d be in jail and they’d feed you close to nothing. Any way you slice it, Africa is a win/lose situation. You’re winning while you’re losing weight.

4. Personal Chef.Hiring a personal chef is a good way to eat healthy without having to think about it. Sure, it cost money, but what doesn’t? If you don’t lose weight immediately, having a personal chef also gives you someone to blame. It always feels better when you can blame someone else for your own shortcomings.

Forcing your personal chef to wear a chef’s uniform is also a lot of fun.

5. The Hollywood Diet. If you must lose weight the old fashioned way, through diet and exercise, then maybe you should try out the skeletor…ehm Hollywood Diet! Try eating celery for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only drink water. That way, you’ll be ingesting about 50 calories a day. Combined with rigorous exercise, you should be losing 5 pounds a day. This is a quick fix. If you can’t maintain this diet for your entire life, then you really need to do some re-evaluating.

Hope these quick fixes helped! I’d love to see all of your before and after pictures! Especially from anyone who chooses to remove a limb.

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The Rise and Fall of Fed

Everyone knows that I don’t like sports. I’m not sporty, and I’m not interested in how good your team is. And I really don’t care which teams made it to the playoffs this year. Cheering for an entire team bores me. I have no connection to them. I do however, enjoy rooting for single players.

Over the years, I’ve learned to take an interest in Roger Federer. Sometimes I would catch my dad watching tennis and I would sit down and watch a set with him. And then leave and mumble something about being bored. Paul also really likes the world of tennis. Well, Paul just really likes sports. Even sports that no one should be interested in like snooker, squash, and cricket. Barf barf barf. Have you ever tried watching snooker and had to pretend to be interested? If you haven’t, then you’ve never really experienced pain. I have the name Ronnie O’Sullivan logged away in my brain as a top snooker player. Why do I know that? Why is that fact taking up room in my brain?

Anyway, I took an interest in Mr Federer over the years. Not because he’s cute, which he is. Not because he’s nice, which he is. But because he’s good, really good. And if I’m gonna root for someone, I want them to win. I don’t root for losers.

I’m going to take some time out of my busy schedule to educate you on the world of Roger Federer. You don’t even need to know about tennis. You just need to know about him. He was born in 1981 in Switzerland. This is important. You should know the ages of athletes because if there’s a lag in the conversation you can always bring up how they don’t have much time before they retire, or mention how they’re SO young and already a professional or something like that. People will think you really know your stuff. You also have to consider where they’re from. Think of Switzerland–mountains, neutrality, Geneva, wealthy, etc. It makes sense because Fed is always dressed to the nines even when he’s playing tennis. He’s always matching, never sweats, and constantly looks like he’s having a good time.

Rafael Nadal, hailing from Spain, and one of Roger’s biggest competitions, looks like a rat monkey and has been seen wearing man-capris. That’s Spain for you.

Fed doesn’t only dress well, he plays well too. He almost dances on the court. It’s crazy how graceful he is. He’s held the record for being the #1 tennis player in the world for 285 consecutive weeks from February 2 2004 to August 18 2008. One week short of Pete Sampras’ record. He’s also holds the Men’s Grand Slam record for 16 wins.

He is one of seven male players to capture the career Grand Slam and one of three (with Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal) to do so on three different surfaces (clay, grass, and hard courts). He is the only male player in tennis history to have reached the title match of each Grand Slam tournament at least five times and also the final at each of the nine ATP Masters 1000 tournaments. Many sports analysts, tennis critics, and former and current players consider Federer to be the greatest tennis player of all time.

He IS the greatest player of all time. Hands down. Nadal and Djokovic are both so stupid and ugly and Spanish and Serbian. Like, go away seriously. They’ve been a pain to watch. Mainly because they both came out of nowhere and started destroying Fed’s career. He’s taken a fall from #1 to #3.

I’m going to blame everything on Federer having kids. Recently, his wife, Mirka gave birth to twin girls, Myla and Charlene. Yes, Charlene. My theory is that once you have kids, your life is pretty much over. Who knows what Mirka is making him do–change diapers, give piggy back rides, clean up barf?! How can he perfect his game if his home life is chaotic? Thanks a lot Mirka.

Charlene has to be the one on Roger’s lap.