My Favorite Movie Kids

I would’ve posted this piece to my other blog Kidz Showz, but it didn’t seem appropriate. Especially since some of the “kids” might be 20 and others might be from R-rated movies. Kidz Showz is a pure blog and I don’t want to be the one who tarnishes it. Although, it’s tarnished in many, many other ways.

The following names are some of my favorite weird kids from movies (not TV!):

Clifford from the movie Clifford. I don’t care who judges me, I think Martin Short plays a pretty funny adolescent. I always liked Clifford because he behaved sweetly in front of adults, but tormented his Uncle Martin to no end. Clifford is the definition of passive-aggressive, which is hilarious if you don’t have to deal with that kind of behavior in real life. He also has a green dinosaur toy named Stephen as his companion throughout the movie.clifford

Dawn Wiener from the movie Welcome to the Doll House. Perhaps one of the most tragic souls of all is Dawn Wiener aka Wienerdog. The kids at school torment her to no end, calling her “lesbo” and “dog face”, which prove to supply her with names to call her little sister. She has a crush on one of the members of her older brother’s band, has the saddest fashion sense of all time, and cuts the heads of off her sister’s barbie dolls. She’s basically my idol.dawn-wiener-welcome-dollhouse--large-msg-131051452577

Harold from the movie Harold and Maude. Harold isn’t technically a kid, but he’s a great character. And he’s also pretty young compared to his movie counterpart Maude. Harold is a privileged only child who enjoys cemeteries, funerals, and faking his own suicide. His life is revolved around death until he meets Maude, lover of life. Maude teaches Harold how to be carefree and happy. They save trees, walk through fields of daisies, and sing together.haroldandmaudeeyetwo

Marcus Brewer from the movie About A Boy. Marcus is the definition of odd-ball but only because his vegan mother raised him that way. He sports a bowl-cut, sings with his eyes closed, and tries to find happiness in his life even though his mother recently attempted suicide. Luckily he meets Will, an adult with no responsibilities, living the easy life. Hesitant at first, Will spends time with Marcus and gets to know the cool kid that’s deep inside him.arts-graphics-2007_1175913a

Matilda from the movie Matilda. It was between Matilda and Sara from The Little Princess. But Sara was too normal. Matilda was abnormal in that she had special powers that helped her survive her crappy school and even crappier family. But much like Sara, Matilda was sugary sweet and a bit daring. In this Roald Dahl classic, Matilda’s world is filled with people who are self-centered (her parents, her principal…almost all the adults in the movie) until she meets her teacher Miss Honey. This semi-dark children’s story taught me that if you’re blessed with magic powers, everything will eventually turn out fine.Matilda-matilda-4452227-640-480

Who are some of your favorite movie kids?


32 thoughts on “My Favorite Movie Kids

  1. that’s a great idea, lily, to have a GP and an R rated blog 🙂 quite a list of characters you have there. marcus is all grown up now and still plays weird roles. nice one.

  2. My favorite movie kids are Josh Waitzkin (Searching for Bobby Fisher), Billy Elliot and Kat Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You). I don’t like Julia Stiles, but, I liked the character. I’ll give a nod to Harold, since I’ve loved Harold and Maude since I first saw it back in the day.

    • I don’t like Julia Stiles either! She’s bothersome. But yeah, that character is kind of snarky and good. I’ve never seen Bobby Fisher. Billy Elliot is cute. Nice choices!

      • Addie says:

        Bothersome is the perfect word. Bobby Fisher is WONDERFUL!! (note the caps, showing excitement). It’s a true story, and the boy who plays the lead is, to quote you, adorbs. I always get tears at the end. So good!

  3. GaryLee828 says:

    I have “Clifford” on my Obscure Recommendations page on my blog, but my picture is better than the one you provided; i cannot believe you didn’t show Stephon!!

    “WHY DID YOU DO THAT, CLIFFORD!?” “I didn’t. Stephon did.” LOL.

    • Ehmmm I thought my picture of him was lovely! But yes, I love Clifford. I wrote about it on my Kidz Showz blog. I probably used more pictures there. But yeah, I’m glad you share love for that character 😀

  4. I can’t think of any good ones off the top of my head. I’m too angry that you posted this here. Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver? I didn’t really like her though. Macauley Culkin in The Good Son? I never saw the movie.

    • Lol Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. I’ve never seen The Good Son. I’ve only seen him in Saved! and Party Monster or something weird like that.
      Hah I like how mad you got. Why don’t I just reblog it on there? You should also reblog your Arthur post from your blog there!

    • I’ve actually never seen Anne of Green Gables! Can you believe it? I’ve also never seen Never Ending Story! Geeze I have some movies to watch!

      • these movies are classic, classic.. seriously shame on you LOL !!!
        It’s fun watching Never Ending Story, the effects were amazing back then but watching it again a few years ago, no CGI and all, classic 😀
        Now I feel old and I used the word “classic” too many times.

        Anne, was set in Prince Edward Island , last time I checked it’s in Canada, so you must watch it and make a review 😀

    • Ahhh don’t feel dumb! Those are really obscure movies! And a lot of them aren’t even meant for kids! They just have kids in them haha!

  5. I just like that Matilda from ‘Matilda’ grew up to be a functioning human being, unlike all the other child hood celebrities. Also, her powers are great and I wish I had them.

    • I liked that too! She seemed pretty normal. I think she wrote an article or something about what it was like being a child star. I think it sucked big time.
      But yeah, special powers would be amazing!

  6. I loved Alfalfa from the little Rascals!! Oh goodness , he was gorgeous, and that hair!! lol

    Curly Sue – she was awesome…

    I love Heather Matarazzo (played Dawn) – I have never seen the Doll House, the first time I think I saw her was in the princess diaries – great movie, both of them actually.

    Great post, Thanks for sharing!

    • Haha I loved Alfalfa as well.
      Never saw Curly Sue! But I can picture her and she was pretty cute!
      Lol yes I’ve seen her in the Princess Diaries as well! She played a character named Lily. Hah
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  8. Mikayla says:

    I heart Matilda and the poor chubby kid that principal Trenchbull (sp?) forced to eat the chocolate cake!! Bringing me back to so many memories!

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