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Stressed But Well Dressed

You know those cutesy little framed quotes meant to hang in your kitchen that say “Stressed is just desserts backwards!” Yeah, I hate that. It’s like, okayyy so if I eat a brownie my stresses are just supposed to flutter away? If anything, I think that would add to the feeling of being overwhelmed. Oh great, now I can’t eat dinner because I had a stupid brownie because this sign in my kitchen basically told me to.

I’m really just overreacting. I started nannying full time-ish and I’ve found that I have no time for myself, no time to clean, and no time to workout. I just want to sleep forever. How do people have kids and read books? Or have kids and write blog posts? Or have kids and vacuum? I honestly don’t understand. I don’t even have children of my own and I’m finding it hard to fit everything I want to do into one day.

Me, after work.

Me, after work.

I do like the whole earning money aspect though. And sometimes, okay a lot of the time, the kids are pretty cute. And I’ve gotten an avalanche of compliments on my gold sparkly TOMS after hanging around playgrounds so much. They’ve been referred to as “princess shoes,” jus’ sayin’.

So no, it’s not all bad. One of the terrifying things though, is when the parents of other children on the playground think I’m one of them. “NO!” I want to scream. I’m going to look wayyyy more ragged and tired when I have kids. The fact that I could already pass as a parent scares me to no end. Also, I would hope that my future children would somewhat resemble me. How can people look at these kids with huge brown eyes and thick hair andΒ assume I’m their mom? Does not compute.

I digress. If you haven’t seen me around the blogosphere lately, this is the reason. But I’ll try to pop my head in every so often to see what’s up. Is anything stressing you out lately?


28 thoughts on “Stressed But Well Dressed

  1. J.D. Gallagher says:

    Is anything stressing you out lately?

    Nope, I’m good. I just kind of gave up on the whole stress thing, it just wasn’t working for me. I think it has to do with my chronic laziness, I have things that I should be stressing over and I can feel the beginnings of something approaching what I think is stress and then my laziness kicks in and says ‘No, I wouldn’t waste any energy on those things, they will sort themselves out, have another biscuit instead.’

    • Dude, I have laziness too but for some reason I was feeling super overwhelmed! I guess I feel like I can only be lazy once all of my stuff is clean and in order and it just wasn’t. Maybe I have laziness and OCD. The worst combination.
      Haha I like your advice though. I think I’ll have a biscuit and treat myself πŸ˜€

  2. Nope, nothing is particularly stressful at the moment. My office at work closed down and moved to another building which is far, far nicer than the crappy thing we were in before.

    And I’m not feeling any pressure from myself with my writing either. The draft for my next release is finished and I’m leaving it on the backburner for a few months before doing any editing. In the meantime I’ve written a couple of short stories and have started work on my first ever attempt at writing fantasy.

    I reckon you’re more of a ‘stressed but well Lushed’ girl to be honest.

    • That’s sweet that you’re office has a temporary upgrade. Like a special little treat.

      Maybe you’re just naturally a really good writer and you don’t have to try hard and if that’s the case then I hate you. All joking aside, that’s really impressive Michael! Good for you to be such a proactive writer! I love short stories! Fantasy would be tough!
      Haha too true about stressed but well lushed! See, this is why I got a job in the first place. So I could buy more lush stuff!

  3. I write and read at work. Books? Yeah, haven’t read one of those (not really) since the Little Prince showed up last year. Time for me? That’s the best joke I’ve heard all day. πŸ˜›

  4. Addie says:

    The DNA thing is so weird. My younger brother and I are dark haired, dark eyed. My parents had the dark hair thing going. My youngest brother is a fair skinned, blue eyed blonde. Go figure.

    Raising kids is tough on time management. Suddenly, colored pens and lists and calendars are your world. You read in the bathroom, while fingers poke in there from under the closed locked door…and are eventually joined by kitty paws. I still keep mascara and lipstick in my car, and, I can still successfully put on said make-up items sans mirror and while driving. So far, no deaths and I’ve never put my eye out.

    The parents of these children are so fortunate to have you as a Nanny! Smart, witty, Lush scented, snappy dresser you. The kids are even luckier.

    • True about the DNA thing with coloring for sure. The only thing is that he has these huge eyes and I have asian eyes soooo there’s really no question that I am not his mother. But people keep assuming!

      Yeah I need to figure the whole multi-tasking thing out. Nap time is pretty sweet because I have a bit of time for myself which I very much enjoy!

      Thank you kindly, Addie. That’s very sweet of you. πŸ˜€

  5. Sounds like a handful! My younger siblings give me enough grief, I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t lock them out of my room…. For me, school is always stressful. I have a lot of work to finish. It’s a bummer I am such a procrastinator. πŸ™‚ Well, Miss Princess Shoes, I know that you are a great nanny. And one day, you will make a great mother!

    • School is always a big stressor, true. Just keep chugging along and you’ll be fine! I’m a procrastinator too. It’s such a curse.
      Hah thanks Taylor! You’re so sweet πŸ˜€

    • Aww thansk Guap! How’re things hanging with you? Hope all is well πŸ˜€

      Life is just one big stressor. Except for Fridays. Fridays are awesome.

  6. You can have kids and read books, but those books end up being Curious George and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Lils, don’t sell yourself too short. I sometimes think it’s harder in some ways to look after other people’s kids than my own. Maybe it’s because I can’t actually punish other kids when they act up.

    C’s birthday party is tomorrow and it’s stressing me out a little. She’s been a major drama queen lately and I just hope she leaves all her tantrums at home when we go to the party.

      • Ugh that must be a bit overwhelming! Good for you for powering through. I hope you’re moving onto bigger and better things? πŸ˜€

    • Hah thanks Em! Your words mean a lot. I think that’s true about other people’s kids. Hopefully I’ll get into my groove soon and it will be easier. It’s already getting slightly better πŸ™‚
      Aww Miss C is already 2. Seriously how? I feel like she was born yesterday. I could see you having the best attitude for her tantrums and just laughing. You’re a good mom, Em.

  7. Kids can wear you out that is for sure. In order to blog, I pretty much have to do it at home or at lunch or when they are sleeping. I don’t get much sleep but you gotta sacrifice something right?

  8. unfetteredbs says:

    Being a mom is the bestest gift in life… You’ll rock it when you’re ready.
    Hang in there lady. Those kids are so lucky to have you…heart of gold in princess shoes. What’s better than that??
    Stressssss sucks

    • Thanks lady. That’s so sweet.
      Stress does suck. But at least I’m earning a bit of income and learning how to deal with all kinds of fun child emotions! And I’m getting a lot of exercise, running around and what not!

  9. erinorange says:

    Not an overreaction – quit nannying and set up a business making these utterly pointless signs – everyone’s doing it! But, yeah I bet the kids are a tiny bit cute πŸ™‚

  10. Let’s see…
    1) A winter season that. Just. Won’t. End!
    2) My inability to help my daughter achieve her dreams.
    3) A pile of bills – and a lack of funds to bring the pile down.
    4) MY inability to finish my second book.
    5) A lack of Lily Morgan humor in my life.

    That’s about it.
    (I’m a breath of fresh air, aren’t I?)

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