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Green Queen

Okay so remember when I promised that I would continue blogging about green things until St. Patrick’s Day? Well that day has come and gone and I only ended up writing one green-themed post. Shame on me. Shame on me for doing other things besides sitting on my computer. Welcome to my blog of broken promises.

Anyway, I’m going to make it up to everyone/the 3 people who read this by giving you an avalanche of green things to feast your eyes on. Make sure to tell me some of your favorite green items as well!

I love this billowy green skirt:8d4611ccca8d35e1776598c575391285

But I’m also a sucker for this mermaid inspired pencil skirt:1d7b1627d78e6675366121375ec39c3c

One of the most memorable green gowns was worn by Keira Knightly in Atonement. Never forget:tumblr_m60areSfIW1rxzc4ro1_1280

I am also partial to this palm print:8e04ba01bc81abed37c0fc2112654c09

And basically anything palm leaf themed:8dc09063a296c2191613b165aed1eded

A backyard filled with big, green topiaries is now my newest obsession:f9adca9447490d3f25c8483ca25e76d9

However, I’m unsure if smelling like my backyard would be a good or a bad thing. Nevertheless, I applaud Lush for making this item smell exactly like the lawn:url

I wouldn’t mind decorating my ears with these beauties:414e7db15e8c7fe6013b88ff38d5814c

Or painting my nails with this pretty peridot shade:0be1ada0b910bab8c84efa1615c55e5b

I could drink these green tea lattes all day. With a splash of raspberry, they’re surprisingly addictive:green-tea-starbucks-latte

This mint limeade looks thirst quenching during warmer weather:cd185efc30e259ba2c8cbf998d87be40

I could see this green Persian-esque rug being a good addition to any sparse room:fd1eea6a1db59aa163d51aacb9f4a59a

Unless this little green-eyed beaut threw up on it:b6f59db9794e21465f35b48e9ef5859b


34 thoughts on “Green Queen

  1. That skirt is stunning. The colour, the move it moves… God that is one nice skirt! Can I steal it from the picture?
    Lots of lovely green things here, I like :). Green is cool. Why do I not own green things? That has to change.

    • It’s so cool, right? I know, I don’t own many green items either. I’m going through a blue phase right now but I think I need to insert more green into my life!

    • Ohh a grey one would be nice too. Ha you should definitely invest in a green skirt since your a dinosaur and all 😉
      Yeah that mint limeade looks pretttty sweet!

    • Haha I haven’t watched that show in forever, but I can imagine someone annoying and trying to look cute while racing around the world. Ugh…

      • There was challenge where they had to try to repel down a waterfall and she took off her sequin shorts and did it in her underwear because she didn’t want to ruin her shorts.

  2. The girl inside that billowy green skirt looks very smug and pleased with herself.

    When I was in Mississippi several years ago, I grimaced when I was offered some Key Lime Pie. It just looks… wrong… but luckily it was flippin’ lovely.

    That green bean casserole thing they all love down in the south though… you what?

    • Yeah she probably thinks she’s pretty cool. And I’m just stroking her ego over here, putting her picture up and complimenting her.

      I’m not a fan of pies in general, but key lime flavoring is delicious. They have a key lime flavored yogurt and it’s pretty good.

      Dude green bean casserole is a classic all over the states. And that shit is goood son. But yeah it looks pretty sick nasty.

    • Hah I know what you mean. I can’t wear peplum without looking like 2 hourglasses combined. It’s disturbing. At least we know what works and what doesn’t. Most people don’t get that far.

  3. unfetteredbs says:

    We painted our living room green. I bet most people think it is very odd looking . I don’t care …. I dig it.

    I couldn’t pull off anybody those skirts but they are quite lovely.

    • That’s awesome. Depending on the shade, green can be very soothing. As long as you dig it, that’s all that matters.

      I’m sure you could pull off any and all skirts, silly goose.

  4. Addie says:

    I never understood the American love for Green Bean Cassrole. Come holiday time, it’s everywhere except my plate.

    Loved the maxi–great skirt for me to wear so I don’t have to worry about random strangers judging me for my lack of space between my thighs.

    I love limeade with a splash of 7UP in it. Cuts the sweetness. Adding lime would be great!

    • Huh I bet most people would agree with you about GBC but I guess it’s a nostalgic thing for me. When I eat it, it tastes like the holiday season. Mostly because I only eat it during the holidays. But I will admit that it looks sick.

      I feel you with the maxi skirt. I live in maxis during the summer. So easy and light, yet they cover up everything.

      Never tried limeade with 7Up. I might have to give it a go this summer!

  5. These are some beautiful images. But oh my goodness do I love the sparkly green skirt, but oh no, also Kiera Knightly’s dress — oh and that palm bag!

    I do like green. Is it weird that I like green and purple together?

    • Thanks lady! Fun stuff, right? I want it all as well! I have to live vicariously through the pictures…

      No! Green and purple are a soothing combo in my eyes. But you rarely see the two together, huh? Maybe you are weird 😉

  6. I love green and should probably express that more.
    Also, YAY FOR THE LUSH SHOUT OUT! That store absorbs the majority of my income and throws back such happiness in my face that I could literally die.

    • Dude. YES. Lush is the best and absorbs sooo much of my income as well. It’s an unhealthy obsession. Could not live without it. Glad I’m not the only one! 😀

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