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Current Events

When my brother and I roamed around Las Vegas:

Me, at my friend’s wedding:

When my dad treated me to a new dress or two or three:

When my mom gets excited to go to the beach:

Whenever people suggest we go out for Tapas:

Whenever people ask me for relationship advice:

Waiting for a package from my mom:

When I wouldn’t stop singing that stupid song from Les Miserables:

If someone says “Hey, we should hang out some time!”:

Going back to work after my vacations:

After 30 minutes of being at work:


21 thoughts on “Current Events

    • Hahah! I just looked it up! That’s super funny! I love when people sing songs from musicals in normal situations. I was watching Downton Abbey with my mom and dad and one of the characters said something about a dream and I started singing “I Dreamed a Dream”. My parents were like, ummm please stop.

    • I know, right? I can’t handle a big group of friends. It’s too overwhelming. Unless it’s a party or something. But even then, I’m like, “Do you have a cat I can talk to instead of all these people?”

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