Forever Young

It’s official. I’ve been married for one whole year today. I feel so old when I tell people it’s my anniversary. Not that I’ve told anyone besides my own reflection in the mirror, but still. My reflection gave me a look that was like, “sick you’re so old.” It was hurtful.

I’ve realized that I am getting older though. Maybe not wiser, but definitely older. There are a couple of things I’ve noticed that I do now that old people do ( Old= 45 and up. Sorry, I don’t make the rules).

  • I watch HGTV. Home and Garden Network, for those of you who don’t know what’s up. I’ve taken an interest in fixing up houses, decorating, buying property, etc. Meanwhile, I’ve never paid a bill in my life and I literally don’t know how mortgages work. I find that watching HGTV makes me feel a little more knowledgeable when it comes to buying a house…some day.
  • I wear my glasses a lot. I’ve had glasses since I was in 1st grade. I never felt pretty when I had glasses on. In high school I barely ever wore my glasses even though my optometrist said I would get a lazy eye if I didn’t wear them. I decided it was worth the risk. My thought process was “I’d rather have a lazy eye than wear glasses.” Normal. Now I wear my glasses all the time. I might as well invest in one of those sweet bands that hooks onto the ends of glasses so they can act as a necklace when they’re not on my face. So stylish.

    Look out for these on the runway. Fall 2012.

  • I get allergies. I guess I had allergies when I was young too, but I just never acknowledged them. This summer I sneezed a total of 28,000 times. I counted. It was so annoying. I took every pill possible to cure my allergies, but nothing worked. Until I came across some nasal spray. How embarrassing is that? I have nasal spray. My husband kindly wrote is initials on his spray so that ours wouldn’t get mixed up. He wrote “butt spray” on mine.
  • I have insoles in my shoes. Like some kind of retiree, I walk around with insoles because one of my toes has a neuroma in it. Sounds fun right? It’s like a tumor in my toe, but not really because it’s not cancerous. It’s just this mass that makes my toe hurt or feel numb. Isn’t my life great? How did I get so lucky to have a neuroma in my foot? It’s like all my dreams have come true.

But don’t worry. There are still parts of me that have remained child-like and carefree.

  • I’m the worst at eating healthy. When I’m by myself I’ll eat pizza for lunch and popcorn for dinner. I love eating popsicles and chicken nuggets. Ramen noodles make my world go round. And I wouldn’t be happy unless I had a jar of Nutella in my pantry at all times.
  • I play video games daily. Not games like Halo or Grand Theft Auto. Mario Games, Crazy Taxi, games for N64 and Wii. One of my favorite things to do is to curl up on the couch and play video games and listen to music. I’ve been doing this since the 4th grade.
  • I love going to Disney World. It’s honestly one of my favorite places on earth. And I’ve been to a lot of places on earth, so take it from me. It was fun for me when I was 6, and it’s still fun for me even though I’m almost 25.
  • I still swing on the swings at parks. Whenever I walk past a park, or go to a jungle gym with the kids I babysit, I make sure that I hit up the swings at least once. Swinging is just so fun. I still jump off the swings in mid-air too. Like a pro.

I guess, technically, I’m getting older.  But it makes me happy that I still keep myself young by doing all the stupid stuff that I did when I was younger. I’m still the same old gal, havin’ fun and livin’ life.


31 thoughts on “Forever Young

  1. We really are the same person. I have new allergies, I (although kind of secretly) love insoles and my barely functional glasses, and I have the diet of a college student unless someone forces me to eat better by cooking dinner for me. I’ll eat an easy dinner over a bad-for-me dinner. Then I’ll eat crap for dessert just so I know I’m still me.

      • That sounds like an awesome idea! I will make Paul do it with me. Why do we have to make men do fun things with us? Haha.
        Yes! I would rather have someone cook me dinner every night than figure out how to do it myself. Lazy bones. Dessert is the best part of my day.

  2. I hungout with a friend Saturday who I hadn’t seen since high school. He always had Peter Pan Syndrome and still does. He asked if I ever wanted kids. I said someday. Then I asked him to answer it. He said “No way, I am a kid.” There were also a lot of sad moments as I quickly came to realize everyone has wasted their potential. Oh well. At least they all thought I was brilliant because I knew how to install Firefox on a computer. That must be how the first caveman to control fire felt.

    Are allergies an old person thing? I’ve always had them. I think the older we get the easier it is to break apart but at the same time it’s also the easiest to stay committed to something. And please call chicken nuggets “chicken jammers” from now on. It’s a trend I’m starting.

    Do you know what the best thing about not being married is? No stupid heavy ring to hold my arm down. I can reach really high and you can’t 😛

    Enjoy the anniversary!

      • Hahahah my response was going to do with me being tall–but you were too quick! Meeting up with friends from high school is always a weird situation. They either never change, or make me feel dumb because they have their lives together. It’s a lose lose really. I think I have a bit of Peter Pan syndrome, except for all the old stuff I do.
        Chicken nuggets will now be called chicken jammers. If I get tons of weird stares, I’m blaming you. Which sucks because none of the people I know, know you. So great. Chicken jammers sound like something that would be served on an elementary school lunch menu with carrot medallions and tater tot rounds. Hahah I’m laughing at my own joke right now.

      • Did you just make up “carrot medallions” and “tator tot rounds” because if not those go perfectly with chicken jammers. It’s like some girl I know who says Reese’s as Ree-c’s instead of Ree-sis. You want to hit them for saying something so stupid but at the same time want them to dig themselves into a verbal hole.

  3. a gripping life says:

    You’ve turned out just as I had planned. I think my job is done here. I pass the baton to Paul. He can have fun with the allergies, neuroma, and blindness! C’ya!

    Oh yeah, Happy Anniversary for the 100th time. Do what Jells suggested. That sounds cool.

    • Paul can be paypal now. I think he likes the responsibility. Although I don’t think he realized how patient he would have to be 😉
      Thanks again! I think I will do what Jells suggested. (Hey, don’t tell me what to do) hahaha

  4. Happy anniversary and here’s to being yold. (That’s “young” and “old” combined. I know. I’ma genius.) We totally have a Super Nintendo that we break out and play Donkey Kong Country and Zelda on. After we feed the baby. We’re yold too.

    • Ooooh I like being yold. It sounds like gold or yodel. Both things I like. That’s awesome about your Super Nintendo! I totally hope I’m like that when I have a baby! Glad we’re in the same boat!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I’ve only had glasses for the last three or so years, and I really enjoy having them. I noticed through high school all the kids that grew up with them started to get contacts. Maybe I just like making it easier for people to know that I’m a “glasses” guy, whatever that means.

    • Hey thanks! Having come to terms with being a “glasses girl” is good I guess. I probably should have become one sooner. I tried contacts but never stuck with them. Maybe because it was so much effort!

  6. Happy Anniversary, and wishing you tons and tons more!! I don’t have insoles, but, I did buy the glasses keeper thing–then, I lost both the glasses and the classy keeper. Lose/lose.

    Keep being you, you keep us oldsters younger reading your adventures and bright outlook on life.

    PS I still swing, too, as high as I can go, and think of doing the jumping thing, but, then, I worry about snapping a hip, so, I stick with just the swinging.

    • Thanks Addie! Yeah, maybe it’s my job to keep the oldsters young by educating you in the ways of being youthful?
      Yeah, swinging is pretty safe as long as you don’t jump off. That’s when the accidents happen! Like breaking a hip, face planting into a pile of woodchips, etc.

  7. Congrats!
    But unfortunately I should tell you you’re in fact getting older, I mean, houses…? Seriously?
    But besides that, I believe there will always be a sort of childlike thing in your mind that forces you to go to those swings. I still do that too :). It’s a sort of meditation, right? And just awesome. Never resist the swings. Ever. As long as you keep that part alive, you’re officially young, deal?

    • I know I know…houses? The main reason I want to get a house is so I can get a puppy! That’s a good, youthful reason right?
      Yeah! Swinging is like meditation! Very therapeutic. Okay, I’m still young at heart if I keep going on swings and playing video games. I think I can keep that up for a while! 😀

  8. Pete Howorth says:

    Happy Anniversary Lillington 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with still being a big kid, I certainly am, people expect you to be so grown up at 27, but I don’t wanna be grown up 😦 I want ice cream!

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