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Future Heads

Isn’t it bizarre-o that it’s now 2015? I was talking with a friend of mine whose child was born five measly days ago and how their baby is literally a child of the future. They will never know what it’s like to be without internet and smart phones. Information at their fingertips. Being able to literally get whatever they want delivered to their front door, be it clothes, books, or something to eat. What a weird existence.tumblr_n00tixtjga1rwe56eo1_500

Carl Sagan once said, “The cosmos are within us.” I feel like that has never been truer. I look up at the night sky far more often than I used to, marveling at our small earthly home and the vast sky above us. How much longer is can our planet support us? How much longer until we become stars ourselves?tumblr_nd4k20pLOY1qkchcvo1_500

February 19th marks the start of the Chinese New Year, the year of the Sheep. Are any of you born in the year of the sheep/goat? Let’s hope we aren’t fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing this year. I might celebrate my sheepish side by purchasing a shearling coat and eating some tripe. JK that’s disgusting.

Anyway, let’s be happy that we made it through to see another calendar year. What are some things that made your year special?Β 


10 thoughts on “Future Heads

    • Man, I wish I could accomplish the things you do in a years time. You really have your act together, Ross Murray. (No pun intended about the acting thing…) Your kids seem way too cool for school. You should be proud! Happy new year, friend.

  1. Um, it’s only really sporting related stuff that made 2014 special for me. Sochi Winter Olympics, football world cup, Commonwealth Games.

    I reckon our planet can sustain us for another three months, four at a push, but after that it’s bonus time.

    • Hah you’re such a boy, Michael. But I love that about you. If the earth explodes any time soon, I’ll tell God that you get a free pass to heaven for predicting it. πŸ˜‰

  2. With technological change ocurring at an accelerating pace, it boggles the mind to think of what 2030 might be like. Our planet is not even a pin point in the Universe and each of us is hardly a pin point on this planet. That too is mindblowing.

    I hope to enjoy spend as much of 2015 as I can outside. Hoping for the best year every.

    All best wishes for a happy New Year!

    • Dude, it really is mind-blowing! I can’t think about it too much otherwise my tiny brain hurts.
      That sounds like a great goal. I hope beautiful weather finds you so that you can accomplish that!

      Thank you, you as well!

  3. Sometimes I think about all the truly awful struggles C will never know – having to look up a question in the encyclopedia, writing a physical check to pay a bill, and memorizing phone numbers – and it makes me a little depressed. What a generation of softies we’re raising.

    Happy New Year, Lil!

    • Too true Em. I love your amazing observations about the world. Especially with little C. I’ve been so absent in the blogging world this year. That’s probably my biggest regret. I hope I can visit with you more because I miss ya so much! At least I get my facebook fill! πŸ™‚

      Happy new year Em!

    • Haha! Well that’s something to be proud of (being a child of the past AND finishing your first draft! The iPhone thing is a little embarrassing, but I’ll let it slide. Haha! πŸ˜‰

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