Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places

Life is really a whirlwind, isn’t it? It’s almost 2015 and I feel like nothing has changed and everything is different at the same time.

I go to work every day. I have a job that I have fun going to. It wears me out, but I feel accomplished at the end of the day. A little stress never hurt anyone, right? I also get to see really great people day in and day out, which is kind of cool. I’m like a real adult now. It only took me 27 years.tumblr_n56bgtGoYB1qbw5o0o1_500

I recently moved from an apartment to a condo *cue Drake’s “Started from the Bottom”* which is like, really exhausting. Granted it was probably more exhausting for the two men who transported everything I own with their bare hands, but like, I had to unpack it all so…yeah. Our new pad is pretty luxe–we have a dishwasher. Need I say more?

I’m also getting mentally prepared to go on a Hawaiian vacation with my family. I’ve never been to these magical islands that everyone speaks of, but they sound too good to be true. Is the recession still happening? Because my family didn’t get the memo, I guess. I’m not stoked quite yet though, only because I’ve had a rough go with United flights this year and of course I’m booked with my arch rival airline. In a moment of weakness, after my last flight was cancelled, I tweet-yelled at their company. Yikes?tumblr_nes7tiFo811tjk07io1_1280

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. What’s new with you?


9 thoughts on “Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places

  1. A condo? There’s too many different words for places for people to live in. It was much simpler when we had only wigwams and caves to choose from.

    It’s my last week in work before Christmas, so I’m indulging in what I call The Feeding – taking a break from my normal daily lunch routine, I sample all the local fast food places for breakfast and lunch.

    It’s quite astonishing the difference a few extra thousand calories can make to my waist size.

    • LOL Wigwams and caves. As if those were the only options at any point in time. But to be honest, I think my condo resembles a cave more than a wigwam.

      Dude I love eating everything in sight around the holidays. Being fat and happy in the winter is way more pleasing than being skinny and miserable.

    • Haha thank you! Yeah the flight was a bit insane and I was seriously doubting that we would make it there at all, but yes, when we got there, it was wonderful! I was glad for the sun, amazing food and beautiful landscape. Very cool part of the world!

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