Fall Favorites 2012

It’s weird because I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I have another Fall Favorites from last year. When I was writing it, I honestly didn’t think I would make another one. I’ve come full circle. Although when I made last year’s Fall Favorites I wasn’t hated by nearly as many people. Blogging is great!

Smashing Pumpkins– No, not the band. Although the band is amazing. I think I’ve listened to Cherub Rock more than anyone I know but I digress. While walking home from a party my husband and I saw an abandoned pumpkin that was sitting on a fire hydrant. I looked at him and said, “You should smash it” and he did. He walked right into the middle of the street and smashed it. It was the most exciting thing that I’ve witnessed in a while. We bolted afterwards. No one saw it, but you can’t just casually walk away after you smash a pumpkin.

The Shining– I hadn’t seen this classic until about 3 nights ago. It was playing at this university theater so of course it attracted the worst hipster crowd I’ve ever seen. They chuckled at most of the serious parts in the movie which ruined a bit of the suspense for me, but it was still great. Such a perfect setting. The mom in the movie, Wendy, had the best clothes ever and that really made the film worthwhile for me personally. I had already known a lot of what to expect–redrum,Β  the twins, hereeee’s johnny!, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, etc. But it was still great to see it once and for all so I don’t have to pretend that I’ve seen it anymore.

Chai Lattes, Hot Apple Cider, and Hot Chocolate– Warm drinks are so comforting, dontcha think? Unfortunately these drinks are all pretty sugary and fattening so you have to use them as a meal replacement in order to not get fat. Or just drink them alongside a meal if you don’t mind getting fat like me.

Dexter Season 7– There are so many other new shows that I should be watching, but I can’t help being captivated by Dexter. Seasons 1,2,4,6, and 7 are awesome. Seasons 3 and 5 are my least favorites but that’s just me. And my opinion happens to be the perfect opinion on this topic.

Mario Kart Wii– I am somewhat of a master at Mario Kart N64, particularly the Koopa Troopa Beach course. However, I’ve been playing a bit of Mario Kart Wii just to mix things up a bit and it’s amazing. First of all, the wii-mote plugs into a wheel so it actually does feel like you’re driving. Secondly, there are so many new courses that are fresh to death. The old ones were getting pretttty stale.

Greek Mythology– I’m just brushing up on some of my favorite myths packed into 780 pages of goodness. It’s actually a surprisingly quick read since so much of the book is footnotes. The book itself is called The Greek Myths: Combined Edition by Robert Graves. Check it out if you like being smart and stuff.

Brisk Walks– I’m usually not a fan of cold weather or even cool weather for that matter. I can’t help but to enjoy the crisp temperatures outside. I like when my cheeks get all flushed and bundling up in sweaters and coats. Yeah I could get used to this.


31 thoughts on “Fall Favorites 2012

    • Well thanks! Yeah I love a cuppa. I’ve been drinking coffee more often now actually. It’s comforting for some reason. Although I don’t like it in the spring or summer. Haha it was so funny to see him smash the pumpkin!

    • Deeeefinitely. I hate dieting in the winter. It’s just not fair. I need comfort food and comfort drinks and comfy clothes and comfort. Napping and watching movies is supper exhausting, you might have to take breaks.

  1. Oh man. Good post….except….I cannot stand the Smashing Pumpkins. The only redeeming quality, for me, is seeing a little boy sing “despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage” on one of those kids say the darnedest things, in front of Bill Cosby. He sounds a little to whines for my taste.

    • Whhhaaa? Maybe because I grew up listening to them–that’s why I like them so much. Sometimes I think to myself that I wouldn’t normally like Smashing Pumpkins if it wasn’t for that reason. I TOTALLY know which Kid’s Say the Darndest Things episode you’re talking about. I remember that little kid rocking out to Bullet With Butterfly Wings and the little girl was like “Ugh I hate metal” I couldn’t help thinking how annoying that little girl was.

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    I can never do Bowsers Castle on Mario Kart… I totally suck at that game but it is really a fun family game. I’m the bad driver that everone picks on. Nothing better than a brisk Autumn walk…especially if you have great company.

    • Haha omg Bowser’s Castle is one of my least faves. So difficult. It’s a great family game. Same with the Mario Party games. Classics.
      Yes, good company, good conversations, and good walks make fall one of my favorite times of year!

  3. Gonna have to call you out on something: I have probably listened to Cherub Rock more than you πŸ˜‰ I am currently on my third copy of that CD, having worn out the previous two and then another previous cassette tape of Siamese Dream. The Smashing Pumpkins are easily my favorite band EVER. I’m blogging about them on Friday.

    Also, The Shining is the best as well. Shelley Duvall’s overall dress is haute couture.

    • Okay okay you win. Are we twins? It’s such a good song though, honestly. I have to play all the air instruments as they are introduced at the beginning. Because I’m cool like that.
      Omg her overall corduroy dress was so chic I was dying.

  4. ZZ says:

    You make a slightly negative comment about your appearance above, and I have to strongly disagree and reiterate just how stunningly pretty your actually are. There’s nothing wrong with looking like an actual woman instead of some fictitious Barbie doll, and I’m sure you turn heads everywhere (not that you’re necessarily interested in that).

    • Hahah omg ZZ you are my fave. Have I told you that recently? I shouldn’t really make self deprecating comments, even though I think they’re funny. But I agree, a womanly figure is way more attractive than a stick thin one! Maybe I’ll go have a hot chocolate now….

    • Greek mythology is definitely cool. I pretty much like all mythology–Roman (which is basically the same as Greek), Egyptian, Norse, etc. All cool stuff! You’ve had hot chocolate before, right? And gone on walks? You can relate!

      • Oh wait, yes, I’ve got those of course. But I’ve never smashed a pumpkin and stuff :). Maybe, if I find one today… πŸ˜€
        Mythology is awesome! We should start a fanclub.

  5. Great post!! I love Greek Mythology too! In fact, I like all sorts of mythology πŸ™‚ I also was a big fan of Dexter until Season 3. I couldn’t get into it anymore and I stopped watching it TT^TT lol if you think Mario Kart wii is addicting, wait until you play Super Mario bros Wii with 2 players! Loadsa fun πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! Nooo you have to get past season 3 even though it sucks because season 4 is the best! I promise you it’s so good. Dooo it!
      I went over to my friend’s house recently and played Super Mario bros with her and it was really fun! I want to buy the game but it’s so expensive! like 60 bucks or something? Pshh.

      • 60 bucks??? FFFFFFFF! ok don’t bother lol because the later levels get really really hard and me and my sister gave up lolol. Ok I’ll forgive Dexter. I’ll watch Season 3 (even though I already wikipedia-ed it XD)

  6. Shouldn’t this just be called “Things I’m Enjoying at the Moment” ?

    Do you remember the Pete & Pete episode where he smashes the pumpkin then Endless Mike tries to recruit Big Pete? Probably not. I only know about I own the first season.

    • Yes, it should be called that, but I accumulate all of my favorites for the changing seasons. You should just be in charge of my blog because clearly your ideas are wayyyy better than mine!

      The only things I really remember from Pete & Pete were the characters, not really any specific episodes sadly. Although I do remember something about Little Pete flipping though a math book or something and someone had written a flip book type thing in it…ugh I don’t know. I just like Petunia and Artie: The Strongest Man In the World. And the metal plate in their mom’s head, obvs.

  7. The Hook says:

    ” I hadn’t seen this classic until about 3 nights ago. ”
    Seriously, Lily? I’m glad you’ve changed that!
    By the way, I live this movie every winter….

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