I’ve decided to write about something a little lighter today. Yesterday’s post, though popular, seemed to rile some folks. Maybe it’s just my controversial nature, or maybe I just like pissing everyone off, regardless, I hope there are no hard feelings and that none of you hate me. I am woman, hear me roar. Right, guys? Right…?

Today I’ve decided to veer away from politics and talk about my diagnosis. I fear that I have clinomania which is an obsession with bed rest.

Yesterday I had remained in bed for most of the day, realizing at 4pm that I should probably run a brush through my hair. I’m a real charmer, I swear.

Bed is a real safe haven for me. Nothing bad can happen while I’m in bed. My whole life I’ve come home from school and went straight upstairs to do my homework in bed. Being sick was a dream because not only did it mean that I didn’t have to go to school, but it meant that I didn’t have to move. Being bedridden was a life goal.

Charlie Bucket’s family always seemed to have it made in my eyes. Four of his family members never left the bed! Ever! Granted, their bed was in the kitchen, but still. I always got a little mad at Grandpa Joe for leaving his perfect situation to go to the Chocolate Factory. Bed wins every time.

Perfect setup. Are Charlie and his mom making out?

Reading, an activity I try to do often, always takes place in bed. I tried to read sitting on the couch once and it just didn’t feel right.

Eating, much to my chagrin doesn’t often take place in bed, though, in my lowest of lows it has. I can’t tell you the number of times that I depressingly ate entire boxes of cereal in bed watching the Kardashian sisters yell at each other.

I had a habit in college of sitting, or just getting into other people’s beds. Some found it strange, others embraced my weirdness. But most found it strange.

If I am online, I am most likely in my bed as well. My laptop is right next to my bed, you know, in case of an emergency or something like that.

Do you like to be in bed as much as I do? Fellow clinomaniacs unite!


45 thoughts on “Clinomania

  1. Isn’t this just a politically correct way of saying that you’re lazy? Although I like sleeping, I get bored of staying in bed for too long.

    No need to apologise for the political stuff. Any post about political stuff has a tendency to draw angry disagreements.

    • I suppose you’re right. I’m not normally a person to start confrontation so I don’t know why I feel the need to do so on my blog. Maybe because I can hide behind my computer? But yeah, thanks Michael.
      Yeah pretty much. Clinomania is just a better term, really.

  2. Pete Howorth says:

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m older and more perverted but the first thing that popped into my head was I wonder if one grandpa sticks his toe up the other grandpa’s wife by “mistake” or if the two granmothers ever scissor each other. If you look at the picture, it looks like the gran on the left is making an attempt at it and Grandpa Joe is protesting as his wife, while stimulated is trying to knit.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Anyway the laptop is also right by my bed, it’s why I bought a laptop in the first place. “I need a laptop so I can write novels and stuff” is what I told people haha yeah right. Bed is the best place ever. No one can piss me off there.

  3. I never stay in bed because if I did I’d never leave and I don’t have anyone to make me get out.

    Love the whole bit on Charlie Bucket. I know they shared a bed in the film to make them look poor but I was always disturbed by that.

    I only use my bed for three things. Sleeping, putting my laundry down after it’s clean, and the third, well, you can guess that one! Wait, I’ll tell you. Hiding from monsters!

    • Haha of course, hiding from the many monsters that lurk in your apartment. The whole Bucket household is disturbing. The movie seems to take place in England because his teacher has a thick British accent, yet his family is American? I don’t really get the location of their house never mind the inner workings. Maybe when you’re old you don’t mind sleeping with 3 other people. I just think it would be really hot and smelly.

  4. I am presently in bed enjoying the comforts of a laptop, iPad and books strewn about. It has been a crazy few weeks including a half marathon and a trip across the country and back in three days. And I am resting up for a 50th birthday celebration this evening (mine!) so those are my motivations today. Yet, I do not need a reason. Rest and rejuvanation is a personal experience and one cannot judge anyone else for what that looks like! Enjoy!

    • Ahh thank you m’dear! Congrats to you for accomplishing so much! My mom just turned 50–that seems like a good age to be. So solid. Happy birthday! I think you are more deserving of rest than I am! I just can’t resist sleeping in on the weekends and getting up slowly…

  5. Great post. I love being in bed, as you know. It’s like my command center. If only I could accomplish all my chores from bed I’d be thrilled. I also like staying in cozy clothes all day. If I could be in pajamas 24/7 I would. I always thought the Willy Wonka bed would be fun. They probably laughed all day long.

    • Thanks momma gal. Yes, I think I get my love of bed from you. You taught me to love naps. Fall is one of the best times because you don’t have to feel guilty for not going outside all day. Ahhh!

  6. I hate bed, i don’t go to bed to about 2 or 3 am. Maybe Michael is right, you have become a little bit lazy.

    scissoring, i must go and look that word up.

  7. ZZ says:

    People of your beauty SHOULD have a life of leisure. It seems fitting, right? I think a housekeeper and gardener are also appropriate. Maybe a personal secretary to help you keep up with the blog;-)

  8. unfetteredbs says:

    I cannot believe he posted a link .. haaa laughing my ass off at that. There is nothing better that a nap.. and staying in sweats all day long. Lazy? no! Just lucky. I have coffee, m&m’s and my lap top on my nightstand right now.. hopping Saturday night.

    • Also just realized my use of a winky face made that last part sound suggestive. I can assure you that I am only laying in bed on my iPhone feeling hungover haha

      • I’m glad we agree that bed is the best place. Haha I understood the wink and knew it wasn’t because you had a big lesbian crush on me. No worries! I too am in bed if that tells you anything…

    • True! It is kind of a magical place when you think about it! I especially loved my bed in university. So cozy after a long day at classes. Always good to take naps!

  9. We used to sit on the beds at my university too! (But we didn’t have room for chairs, so beds became couches really ^.^) I’ve never been able to spend that much time in bed – but only because I’ve never had a tv in my room, nor had a laptop up there until I went to college. So in order to do anything, I always had to leave my room and go somewhere else in the house *sigh*

    • Yes! Beds are really a staple of university. Mostly because everyone needs to take naps to recooperate from the activities of the night before. Aw leaving your room is always rough. Any time I’m forced to get up is soo annoying!

  10. Chantel Topham says:

    I am in bed right now. Unfortunately just before i wrote this my bed was taken out from under me and moved to our new house. I quickly filled up the air mattress I will be sleeping on until Thursday and got back in bed. It isn’t nearly as glorious.

    • Aww man. That’s crazy that you’ve moved! Exciting though! Having your time in bed interrupted isn’t a fun time. Your bed will be especially good when you get it back!

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