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My Shopping Experience

I used to be a shopaholic. I went to the mall on a daily basis and almost always came home with a new article of clothing. This addiction lasted for years. I’m bearing my heart, people. Not counting Christmas, I have gone over 5 months without any clothing purchases. It’s kind of refreshing. I don’t need new clothes. I have so many that it’s not even funny any more. Okay, its kind of funny.

One of the real reasons I’ve stopped shopping is because I literally have no where to go. Here in Canada, my malls are slightly below par. Their department store called The Bay is actually nice, but they sell Lourdes/Madonna’s clothing line and way too much of Jessica Simpson’s line. And lets face it, who wants to dress like either of those people? Unless there’s a Nordstrom around, I’m truly not interested.

I'm not letting her live this one down.

I’ve walked around the mall here searching for some kind of shopping solace but none exist. There’s a store called “Garage” which terrifies me. If I wanted to shop at a garage, I would kill myself and go to hell. Because I’m pretty sure that hell consists of endlessly picking through trinkets at garage sales.

They do have one of those stores that sells toys and gadgets and stuff like that. It’s called “Seeing is Believing”. Heh. I used to love those stores when I was little. I liked one in particular called “Imaginarium”. I don’t know why, but I was always intrigued by those water wiggly things. Those were a top seller.

Trust me, they're more fun then they look. (Okay, no they're not)

I love creative store names. There’s a store in the mall called “Things Engraved” and I’m baffled about how they came up with it. Seriously, I hope whoever thought of that name got a huge raise. The store, however, doesn’t interest me because I went through a phase where I needed everything engraved and monogrammed. Sorry that LKL is the best monogram ever.

I don’t know how many of you watch How I Met Your Mother but there’s a character who is originally from Canada and she used to be an 80’s pop star and sing in malls. Kind of like every pop star in the 80’s. I think HIMYM stopped being funny after I stopped watching. It always works out that way for me. Or at least I hope it does. What if its still funny and I’m missing out on prime jokes?! Actually, I refuse to watch because they cast Allison Hannigan to play a character named Lily and she really doesn’t do my name justice.

Anyway, here’s a clip of Robin and her secret Canadian identity Robin Sparkles. The main reason I like it is because she says “sorey” and “aboot” and mentions Canada Day.

Note: I cannot wait until Canada Day. It’s going to be so blog worthy I can hardly stand it.


34 thoughts on “My Shopping Experience

  1. AgrippingLife says:

    Haha! I didn’t think that show was still on? Barney is the best character next to Robin Sparkles.

    I will forever like things engraved or monogrammed – I like to know that I can be identified if I get killed by a hit and run driver.

    • Was it cancelled? The story was just frustrating. If he hasn’t met their mother by the 4th season, it’s just becoming the longest story ever.

      That means that our identities were the same for a while. Both LKLs.

  2. Addie says:

    Wow. Just, well, wow. Robin. She’s. Goodness.

    Maybe it’s an age thing, I dunno. I have an engraved keyring, bracelet, a sterling charm bracelet (purchased at a estate sale, so, according to the charm bracelet, among the zillion charms from different countries, I’m Dorothy Marshall and I have 10 grandchildren) and a variety of other engraved objects.

    Should something happen to me, I hope Dorothy’s family won’t be shocked when they find out she died.


  3. Pete Howorth says:

    This video is for you Lilinator:

    I used to be the same way and watching that video I think I may have been a shopaholic too. I haven’t bought anything new in over a year though, due to lack of money šŸ˜¦ But that will be rectified soon and I’m gonna splash the f out!

    • I don’t know if I was THAT bad, but I definitely liked to buy things. Mostly clothes though. I’ve only been window shopping.Its much easier now to abstain from buying things if I don’t have any money to spend!
      Haha yeah shop your heart out! You deserve a shopping spree!

  4. Those water things are great. At first. I think I was in the US the first time I saw one, and, predictably I stood there laughing like an idiot when it suddenly flew out of my hands. I bought one and then five minutes later was utterly bored of it because I figured out how to hold it.

    I reckon working in one of those shops must be hell.

    I want to know what happened to Jessica Simpson. It’s like she got replaced with a faulty clone one night.

    I can’t wait for Canada day.

    • Addie says:

      Jessica needs to step away from the high waist pants. Far, far away. Far. I didn’t want to shop with the girl in the video, I just wanted to organize her closet. How can she live like that????

    • Michael,
      I know, I love those things! They probably sold millions of them in the late 90’s. Ugh I would play with anything stupid like that.
      I know, Jessica has really gone downhill. She used to be cute and dumb, now she’s just kind of chunky and dumb. Never a good combo.
      I’m so excited for Canada Day! I’ll take lots of pictures!

  5. When my brother saw I was reading your blog, he immediately said something about Lily of How I Met Your Mother :).
    I used to like shopping too, but today’s fashion is so *bad, very bad word* that it’s become a hell. Especially when you really need something, and everything is way too ugly. *weeps silently*

  6. I think the last time I bought a shirt for myself was 2 years ago and that was online. But I’m a male too. Sometimes I go into stores hoping to find a shirt I’ll like. I don’t even know what kind I would make me happy. I can say “I like that band” then buy a shirt of them. I don’t want to have all band tees. I’m not that sloppy.

    • Omg. I know you don’t like spending money, but you need to treat yourself to something new! I mean, you don’t need to, but it would be a nice gift to yourself. I used to have a lot of band/concert tees in high school. I guess I thought it was cool or something. Yikes.

      • The way you talk about your past self it seems that there are two Lilys.

        At time you were a diligent, studious girl who believed in the goodness of people and saw elves and fairies wherever you went. Then one one day you woke up and realised how crap things were and have been this cynical, judgemental person ever since.

        I think it’s great. Don’t ever change back.

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