Sweet Streets

I will be the first to admit that despite being super weird and Canadian, Victoria is a really charming city.  A little detail that I have noticed when I walk around town is that on every sidewalk’s corner, the street’s name is printed in old ceramic tiles. I really appreciate that.

These tiles were inserted in 1907. How presh! But over the years they have been beaten up pretty badly and some tiles have gone missing. The city used to have lots of replacement tiles, but now they’re running low. Supposedly they have tried to make new ceramic tiles, but they aren’t are durable as the original ones. So until they can find a good replacement, some signs are missing letters. And some signs are missing completely.How could anyone possible read this now!??!

Apparently someone was really into the tiles and decided to make a whole page about it. Its actually pretty interesting. I guess a company in Zanesville, Ohio produced the tiles–no wonder I like them so much, they’re Amurrrican.

I think little details like this are so cute and definitely give the city more character.  Snaps for Victoria.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Streets

  1. Marya says:

    I remember being in Victoria, BC when I was ten. A beautiful tour guide took us through the Capitol Bldg. All I remember was her super, shiny lips. I wondered how she kept them so shiny when clearly it looked like she was using the aged-old petroleum jelly. I tried that trick for years…just p.j. on the lips…never worked quite like the tour guide. My point? With careful searching one will find hidden treasures in your quaint city. Something, you cousin Lily, have mastered. Viva the tiles!

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