Remembrance Day

Lest we forget...

As you all know, today is Veteran’s Day. And if you didn’t know that, then you should crawl out of the cave you’ve been living in and join the rest of the population in this wonderful excuse to not go to work or school. I end up offending a TON of people every Veteran’s Day just because I don’t really care. I know these people fought for our country, but most of them didn’t actually WANT to. They just had to because there was a draft. But I guess we should be proud of them because they still went even when they didn’t want to. I mean, I’m grateful for them, but I’m just wayyyy too lazy to wake up on Friday morning to go to their parade. Sars. (Sorry)

ANYWAY, the Commonwealth countries don’t call it Veteran’s Day. Of course. They call it Remembrance Day.  I think their holiday has more focus on WWI and WWII because everyone wears these poppies on their coats. It refers to a poem called “In Flanders Fields” where poppies bloomed in some of the battle fields. I guess the poppies symbolize the blood spilled during the war. And when I say that everyone wears these poppies, I mean that EVERYONE wears them. I get bad looks because I don’t wear one.  Sorry, but if you think I am going to pierce the beautifully woven fabrics of my jackets, think again.

In fact, Paul and I know someone who tattooed the poppy on this chest. Yep.

Happy Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day. Or sad Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day. I don’t really know how this holiday is supposed to work.


4 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. Marya says:

    So on my 11/11/11 day here in sunny Milwaukee, I sported a camouflage skirt, with brown tights and boots…I did it for our troops. Are we still friends?

  2. Ensuring that you take full advantage of your freedoms is the biggest rememberance that you can give. Otherwise their sacrifice was for nothing.

    I haven’t had a relative in a war since WWII when my Pop-Pop decapitated Japanese soldiers. I think that’s where he got the name Pop-Pop. It was the sound that heads made as he put a machete through their necks.

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