Canadian Apts…I mean, whats up with that?

This is seriously where I live guys. Step into my world. Try not to be too envious of my extravagant life style. Someone count how many times I said “pretty much” or “pretty cool” . Winner gets to live with me for a week.

Edit: When I refer to it as “my place” I mean that I haven’t played ANY part whatsoever in paying the bills. I am only referring to the fact that I live there. It is basically Paul’s place, and I am his pet.

Another edit: I guess I only say “pretty cool” like once. IT FELT LIKE A LOT.


8 thoughts on “Canadian Apts…I mean, whats up with that?

  1. Sammy says:

    A) Paul clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about in the shower curtain ring department because the rhinestone ones a sweet

    B) I’m totally jealous you can both lay on your couch at the same time

  2. Natalie says:

    Okay. Paul and I are in a fight for not incorporating glam shower curtains into your abode. Don’t understand the issue.
    Cute kitchen tabes!
    Brownies looked delish, as did you.
    Where are the splashes of coral pink and turquoise?
    I like the stickers on Paul’s laptop, but not as much as the view.
    Cute first apartment 🙂

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    *Random Post*

    Finally a voice to put with the face! Now when I read your future posts I can imagine them being said in this voice!

    Possibly my favourite post yet Lillington!

    • Lol really?! This seems like so long ago! Maybe I’ll do a blog post with my face and then it will truly feel like a real chit chat!
      Thanks for reading these Petey! I appreciate it!

      • Pete Howorth says:

        You should do an update to what your apartment looks like now, I hope the scaffolding is still there outside. Had it been England it’d look worse than it did before the scaffolding was put up!

      • It hasn’t changed that much. But it would actually be worth a post possibly. Haha England is crazy with it’s scaffolding! There was always a building that was under construction. ALWAYS.

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