Judging, Surroundings

Lily in Seattle

Can you find me? I'm the one in the corner rocking back and forth.

On my flight, I couldn’t help being annoyed with everyone around me. First of all, I had to ride with the scum of the earth in coach. Every time I ride in coach a little part of me dies.  I got the window seat (thank goodness) so I could at least turn my head and pretend I was amongst normal people.

The couple in front of me was the worst part of my flight. They were probably my age. Before we took off, the stewardess had to tell the girl to stop resting her head in her bf’s crotch. I loved it. However, I did not love when they leaned their seats back.  If you’re flying, there is never a reason to lean your seat back. Ever. Don’t do it. They looked and smelled like Woodstock threw up on them. So if that’s the kind of person you want to be like, go right ahead. Just make sure you think of me and my 36 inch legs while you recline.

When we landed, I had to wait extra long before I got off the plane. Did I mention I was in coach? The lady next to me wouldn’t let me out because she was too busy letting the whole plane walk in front of her. I get mad when people aren’t aggressive. I also get mad when people are TOO aggressive. There’s a fine balance. Anyway, now I’m sitting next to some Seattle hipster with elbow patches on his blazer. You know the type. I’m gonna go search for food/sanity. Sorry for the type-os! My iPad is on the fritz.