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Kidz Showz

Isn’t everything cuter when you spell it with z’s? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Anyway, this is a special announcement to celebrate the opening of a special collaboration blog that Mooselicker and I have made. Well, I basically did everything and Tim said he would write some stuff. It’s really organized, I promise.

If you’ve ever mentioned a kid’s show on your blog, it’s likely that I zoomed in on that bit of information and only commented about the kid’s show and nothing else. They fascinate me. I say “kid’s shows” but I’m talking about shows that range from Blue’s Clues to Lizzie McGuire and everything in between. Kid’s movies will also be included. There is really no limit to what this blog will cover in terms of childhood shows. I’m sure you’re all super jealous that you didn’t think of it first.

I’m using this post as not only an announcement, but also as a poll of sorts. If you are interested in us covering one of your favorite shows, make sure to leave a comment so we can write about it. We have a good base of knowledge between us, so it’s likely that we’ve seen most shows from the past and present.

So go visit our new blog Kidz Showz! (There is only one post up now, but there will be lots more to come!)


Cartoon Characters That I Feel Sorry For

It’s hard for me to trace back my thought process in order to explain how I came up with this topic. I believe I was eating Lucky Charms and thinking about the Trix Rabbit and what a rough life he has. What’s more sad: a cartoon rabbit’s non-existent life, or the fact that I can’t even keep my cereal mascots straight?

I’ll start with the Trix Rabbit. Clearly, the guy likes his colorful cereal. He does whatever he can to get his hands on a box of Trix and his plans always eventually get spoiled by children that claim “Trix are for kids!” Okay honestly, says who? I could go to the grocery store right now and buy some Trix and no one would stop me. Those kids are actually perpetuating bullying and I don’t think it’s right. No one taught them how to share I guess. How is the Trix Rabbit not allowed to eat his own brand’s cereal? I feel like we should get an army of cereal mascots on the case to punish these kids. Or am I taking this too far?

Daffy Duck is another character that never really gets lucky. Unfortunately, his rival is Bugs Bunny who tends to be overly lucky. I mean, the guy gets put in a boiling caldron of water and doesn’t die. Slightly unfair. Whenever Elmer Fudd is about, Bugs tells him that it’s Duck Hunting Season which is most likely a lie. Daffy usually tries defending himself but always ends up getting shot. His beak spins around a couple of times and that’s that. I’d like to see Bugs get shot and I’m not ashamed of that.

Wait. What if Bugs Bunny is really the Trix Rabbit in hell and his punishment is to always hunger for Trix while his craving is never satisfied? I should write a book on that theory.

I’m not super familiar with the TV show Tom and Jerry, but I do know that ill-fated Tom always gets the short end of the stick. All he wants is to eat Jerry, is that really so much to ask? Hanna and Barbera are super unrealistic if they think that a cat can’t catch a mouse. My cat caught birds. Birds don’t ever have to touch the ground if they don’t want to, yet my cat managed to catch one twelve. Cats are awesome. The fact that Jerry also got to dance with Gene Kelly really burns me up inside. He’s so undeserving of such great attention. It should be Tom dancing there.

Lastly, I think Wile E. Coyote deserves some attention. He lives in the desert. He’s hungry. He wants to kill this stupid Road Runner. He comes up with amazing plans, most of which end up with an anvil on his head. The story is pretty heart breaking. The sad part is, Road Runner is oblivious to everything. Most of the time he doesn’t even realize that Wile E. Coyote is trying to catch him which makes it even more annoying. I think the real shame in this whole cartoon is how much the Acme corporation lets Wile E. down. He depends on them so much and they usually end up dropping crates on his head. I mean, he should really sue them. Then he could eat all the Road Runners he wants! Yeah, that’s the ticket.