Girl Crush of the Week: Olivia Palermo

Let’s just pretend that I do a “Girl Crush of the Week” post weekly and that this isn’t the first time, okay? If you don’t know who Olivia Palermo is, you probably aren’t a New York socialite, never watched The City, and don’t have a Tumblr. Let me be the first to advise you on seriously rethinking your life.Olivia Palermo 2011

Olivia Palermo gained social status by starring in the reality TV series The City alongside young fashion hopeful Whitney Port. Whitney was originally on The Hills as a friend of Lauren Conrad, but moved on to bigger and better things. Olivia was kind of like Whitney’s frienemy and showed her the ropes of the fashion world in NYC but still making sure that Whitney was somewhat beneath her. I never said my girl crush was nice, okay?

Since then, every time I see a picture of this girl, she looks perfect. She knows style. Every look she wears seems effortlessly chic, like putting outfits together is second nature and money grows on trees. The girl can dress, is what I’m trying to say. I have a feeling that Kate Middleton wants to be Olivia Palermo, but is too restricted by modest royal garb and cries every night about having to re-use outfits to seem like “the people’s princess.” The people want fashion statements, Kate. If I have to see you in that green jacket one more time I swear…Olivia Palermo Leaving A Nail Salon In New York

Anyway, Olivia has done a couple note-worthy things with her time besides walking around the streets of New York hoping that someone takes her picture, but I don’t feel like looking up the details on Wikipedia. I think she got signed to¬†Wilhelmina¬†modeling agency but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t model any more.

When I was thumbing through one of my mags recently, I saw her in an ad accompanied with Masai tribesmen in traditional dress, all looking super chic. Basically, this Spanish footwear brand, Pikolinos (a non profit company), are sending their leather and beads to the Masai people to help better their lives and sustain the development of their endangered tribe. In turn, these Kenyan women are producing beautiful, handmade designs and earning money for their children’s schooling, livestock, clothes, etc.OP-pikolinos.jpg

So that’s cool right? Olivia is the ambassador for the charity project so that basically means she gets a free trip to Kenya to oversee the project and gets to model the footwear. Fair.

Who’s your girl crush at the moment?