Lush Review: Christmas Edition

Yeah yeah I’m doing another Lush review. As long as I keep buying new products from that store, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about them. I love girl talk about bath products and soaps and the like. Lush comes out with seasonal items that are limited for the holidays only. These are precious products so if you find one that you really like, you should to stock up before they leave for a year!

Cinders bath bomb is a popular one because it’s supposed to mimic the calming feeling of being by a cozy fire at night. I really liked the scent of Cinders. It has a nice spicy floral smell because of the cinnamon and gardenia extract infused in the product. I also liked that there were Pop Rocks embedded into the bomb, making it sound like a crackling fire in your tub. The only thing I didn’t like about this one was that it turned my water a weird yellow-orange color that was displeasing. The size of Cinders is also about half the size of a normal, large bath bomb from Lush. I kind of wish it was bigger and a better color.lush-cinders-bath-bomb

I had never tried any of Lush’s face products before a saleswoman suggested I test out Buche de Noel. I was kind of nervous because skin can be tricky, but once she tried it on me, I fell in love. Buche de Noel is a solid cleanser that gently exfoliates the face and washes off to reveal the nicest, cleanest skin ever. It has visible chunks of cranberries,¬†ground almonds and is also made with fresh satsumas, brandy, and almond butter. It’s got a strange scent (not bad strange, just different) but I’ve gotten used to it and I now associate it with great feeling skin.¬†SAM_1237 (2)

The application is fun too: You take a chunk of the product in your hand and wet it under running water. Once it’s wet you make it into a paste and apply like a regular cleanser and then wash it off. Kind of cool and different.

Bombardino was a bomb I was looking forward to trying for a while just because it looks so cute. Once you pop this one in your bath water, it turns super frothy and luxurious. It has cocoa butter in it which makes your skin feel silky smooth after a soak. It smells of lemon, vanilla, and liqueur–like you’re bathing in a dessert. This one surprisingly didn’t turn my water super yellowy. It was more frothy and white. I really enjoyed this little guy.Bombardino-bath-bomb

I was so drawn to Star Light, Star Bright bath melt because it was extremely glittery and amazing. It basically looked like a pure silver sparkling star. When I dropped it in my water, the glitter dispersed and was so fine, that I could barely see it unless I really studied the water. Underneath the glitter coating of the star was a turquoise center that made my water super moisturizing. The scent on this one surprised me because it’s very zesty–it’s made with ginger, lavender, and lime oil which actually makes you feel invigorated post soak. I would consider repurchasing this pretty little star.Lush-Star-Light-Star-Bright-Bath-Melt

Last, but definitely not least, is the Father Christmas bath bomb. This guy is in the shape of a jolly Santa face and it’s almost irresistible. This bomb is really bath entertainment at it’s finest. It starts off as a red and white froth that travels around your tub. As it begins to disintegrate, the bomb starts turning your tub a beautiful evergreen color and swirls with the white. It’s so awesome! He has a citrus-y scent which is kind of understandable because oranges used to be given as presents back in the days of yonder (lol just made that up). But the scent always feels like it doesn’t fit with the green water in the tub. However, this product is awesome no matter what!default

Have you tried any fun products lately?