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You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown: A Review

Last Friday I went to a university production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, expecting a great performance. I had never seen the musical before, but my dad played Snoopy in his hay day which is super embarrassing but I figured that I would be in for a good show. I guess I forgot that I’m in Canada and people are bad at everything here.youre_a_good_man_charlie_brown-show

I don’t know a lot about the performing arts, but I know when a show is bad and when a show is good. I know what over acting looks like and I know how to spot lazy props and backdrops. College students should be at the point where they don’t come off as annoying or pretentious thespians on stage. They need to be able to morph into a character. If you cannot do this simple task by the time you’re graduating college, there’s really no hope for you. Sorry, but it’s true. I’m not saying that I know everything about acting, but yes that’s exactly what I’m saying.

From the minute that I heard the actors fake voices, I knew it was going to be a long show. It just seemed so forced. The girl who played Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally, put on a voice that made me cringe. It wasn’t charming or funny at all. If I were her, I would’ve studied the old TV specials and mimicked the voices that they used. If that’s what this actress was trying to do, she failed miserably. She put on this high pitched, pinched nose voice which didn’t resemble that Sally that I know whatsoever. So congrats on being a terrible actress. She did have a good singing voice though. That was her redeeming factor.charliebrownschristmastales-02

Note to the costume designer: Sally does not have a full head of curly hair. She has poofy bangs and wears light blue, not bright pink. Good job on messing that up and distracting me. You’re fired.

The girl who played Lucy was a much better actress than anyone else there. That being said, her part didn’t require much. She also put on a weird voice, but not as awful as Sally’s. I don’t know if they had a meeting where they tried to teach the girls how to enunciate and taught them to get the audience’s attention by putting on crazy voices, but that’s what it seemed like. I could imagine them having a voice coach saying, “Very good, but try to be more annoying if possible.”

I’m going to include one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies because that’s what I’d like to think their voice coaching would be like. Bursting into choreographed dancing and everything.

The guy who played Schroeder was really good. He had good comedic timing. However, he wasn’t a big character and he didn’t have a lot to do. At least his outfit was identical to his character’s and his voice was normal. Snaps for Schroeder.

Peppermint Patty was fine. She was barely in the show at all. Why include her and not Marcie? It would’ve been cute to see Marcie and Patty’s young lesbo relationship. I do like the fact that Patty calls Charlie Brown “Chuck”. I just wanted Marcie to be around to address Patty as “Sir”.itebcb-04

Linus and Charlie Brown were below par. First of all, the guy playing Linus was chunky. Like, chunky in a way that you couldn’t look past it or focus on his character. Linus shouldn’t be chunky. He’s like 7 years old. In the show they said that they were 5 years old but I don’t believe that because they were writing book reports and no 5 year old can write their own name, let alone a book report.TV Peanuts Online

Charlie Brown was okay but his vocals weren’t that good. He could’ve been stronger on that department. Other than that, he played Charlie Brown pretty well. He seemed terminally depressed, so he was either really into his character, or actually severely depressed.

Snoopy was probably the best part of the show. I guess they have to save their best actor for Snoopy because he has the best songs and has to balance on top of a dog house most of the time. Snoopy was definitely entertaining so I would give him two thumbs up…or two paws up! I don’t know…I hate myself.snoopy-cizgifilm

The set design was actually pretty good. All the props looked exactly how they appeared on the show so I was happy that they got at least one thing right.

I guess I’m just used to living in the states where we spend lots of money on theater departments. Like, no joke my high school performances were better than this university production. Talent wise, costume wise, production quality and value wise. Whenever I say anything like this, my husband likes to point out that maybe that’s why the US has no money–because we spend it on dumb things. And maybe he’s right. But at least we have high quality entertainment.



My Predictions For The New Season of Mad Men

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with AMC’s hit show Mad Men, but if you’re not, it’s about time to jump on the old bandwagon. Mad Men is definitely not my favorite show, however, I am not going to deny it’s sparks of greatness. This is how I think Season 5 is going to play out. There are going to be tons of spoilers, especially if my predictions are right.

1. Don Draper is going to cancel his wedding to that French Canadian chick with the freaky mouth. There’s no way he’s gonna get married. Don needs to live on his own and keep slutting it up with everyone in the office. I guess that only leaves Peggy though. And Peggy ain’t no slut. Except for that one time when she got pregnant.

2. Pete Campbell dies after being pushed off a building. Everyone in the show will eventually realize how annoying and pig-faced Pete is. Someone is bound to throw him down a sewer drain or in front of a train. He’s not even one of the partners in Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and they practically put every name possible in their business. Plus I’m so sick of seeing those creepy African animal drawings in his apartment.

Sorry 60's, but this is not art.

3. Salvatore comes back and makes Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce millions. They realize that he’s the only reason why their ads are great so they re-name the company Salvatore & Co. Salvatore ends up firing Cooper and Pryce because no one cares about them. And because one of them is old and the other is English.

4. Betty Draper gets lung cancer and dies. I mean, she smokes a lot. And she’s abusive to her kids. It’s not like anyone would miss her. Sally, Bobby, and baby Gene would go live with Don in his bachelor pad and that one artist lady would teach them how to paint and sell their work on the streets. The kids would eventually run away because, lets face it, no one likes painting. They would grow up to be the Boxcar Children from those books. Sally could have amounted to so much more.

5. Peggy eventually becomes a pot head beatnik and no one cares. She’s becoming too liberated and good at her job. The pot destroys her life and she ends up asking Salvatore to marry her. Salvatore tells her he’s gay and she says that’s okay.

6. Joanie and Roger Sterling have their baby. Joanie lets the baby use the pen that she always has around her neck as a teething device. He almost chokes to death and Joanie is arrested and spends the rest of the show in a woman’s prison. Roger is forced to take care of the child. It kind of resembles the plot of Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, but it’s not funny, and the kid is really ugly because he inherited Joanie’s teeth. Oh and Joanie’s husband dies in the war or whatever.

What do you guys think? I might have gotten carried away, but I think there’s a chance of all this happening in once season. What are your predictions?