Lush Review

Sorry guys. I’m getting kind of carried away with Lush. Like, it’s beginning to get unhealthy. I almost contemplated getting a job there but then I realized that jobs are the worst so I decided against it.

I bought myself a sweet little gift box from Lush. It’s called Rosie and it included Amandopondo Bubble Bar (I’ll be reviewing this in a separate post), Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, Rose Jam Bubbleroon (review for this will also be in a separate post…I swear there’s an order to the madness), and Rose Queen Bath Bomb. My husband doesn’t like the smell of roses. He says it smells like “old bitch” which roughly translates to “grandma”. I’ll also be reviewing the Honey I Washed the Kids soap that I got as a free sample.

You're supposed to buy this gift set as a present for a friend. I bought it for myself because I'm my friend.

You’re supposed to buy this gift set as a present for a friend. I bought it for myself because I’m my friend.

I’ll start with the bath bomb because those are the best. If you like the smell of roses, I would suggest Rose Queen. It’s not as big as some of their jumbo bath bombs, but it has a pretty powerful smell to make up for it’s small stature. It also has TONS of rose petals and flowery things that come out of it and float around your water. Which is cool while you’re in the bath. But then when you get out, there’s all these wet flower bits that you have to clean up and block from going down your drain. I like the smell, and it makes your water a pretty pink color, but the clean up ruins it for me. Not worth it.Lush-Cosmetics-Rose-Queen-Bath-Bomb

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is kind of cool because I’ve never tried anything like it before. It’s basically like a hair conditioner except for your body. It’s especially nice if the soap or body wash you use dries out your skin. It smells really nice–like rose, obviously. But it doesn’t leave a heavy scent on your skin. It’s packed with oodles of moisturizing supplements like cocoa butter, almond oil, Argan oils, and cupuacu butter (dafuq?). I like this product because you use it in the shower and then rinse it off. It’s not a lotion that leaves your skin feeling sticky or slimy. I definitely give this one two thumbs up!ros argan lush

And I also tried the Honey I Washed the Kids soap. I love the look of this honeycomb shaped soap. It smells delicious, like honey and caramel. This is one of Lush’s most popular products most likely because of it’s scent. I personally find Lush’s solid soap line really hard. Like, the soaps are rock hard. Once you get them into a lather they work fine, but I hate how tough they are to begin with. This one was good except for the top honeycomb bit. The very top layer of it is kind of waxy and peels away which is annoying, but the layer underneath is part of the soap and is nice for exfoliating. However, this left my skin a bit dry and tight after using it. 00482

Have you tried any new, fun beauty products?