Music Review: Chromeo

I never really got into Chromeo’s first album, She’s in Control, nor their second album, Fancy Footwork. However, I’ve given their third, and most recent album, White Women, a thorough listen and have really quite enjoyed myself doing so.

This Montreal duo tends to pair funny and charming lyrics with synthy-pop beats which make it deliciously addictive for your ears. I actually saw them in concert not too long ago at a Lollapalooza session where they were decked out with keyboards in the shape of women’s legs and an appreciative crowd ready to dance.Chromeo_Fancy_Footwork

Their music just makes you feel really good and happy. Some of my friends think that their newest album is a bit more serious and studied than their previous two, but I dig that they’re trying something different and making it work. My favorite new tracks would have to be “Jealous”, “Sexy Socialite”, and “Old 45’s.”chromeo-white-women

Here’s a sweet vid sampling if you haven’t had the chance to listen yet.