Girl Crush of the Week: First Aid Kit

I know the stars have aligned when my new fave musical artist also happens to be my new girl crush. It’s like the world wants to make life easy for me and bundles all of my interests into one. Thanks world.

So um First Aid Kit. I’m pretty sure I first heard their musical styling on Sirius XMU’s channel. In a sense, XMU is like the university station equivalent for satellite radio. They play all the songs and bands you’ve never heard of mixed in with songs and bands no one had heard of five years ago that people still aren’t totally familiar with. It’s pretty good.

Anyway, First Aid Kit at first listen sounds like a folksy band that originated somewhere over the rainbow (but probably Montana?) with their twangy, yet semi-familiar chords that will keep you asking for more. But once you delve deeper, you’ll realize that these melodic voices belong to Swedish sisters, Johanna and Klara Soderberg (mentally insert umlaut over the ‘o’ in Soderberg if you will).first-aid-kit-band

The duo graces us with beautifully crafted lyrics paired with references that fit their indie-folk sound: “I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June if you’ll be my Graham and my Johnny too/No I’m not asking much of you, just sing little darlin’ sing with me.”

I’m not much of a country girl at all, but for some reason their tunes speak to my soul. It’s a refreshing old-school take on Americana. They have perfectly studied country accents which makes me think they have a thing for 50’s country music. That’s cool because I have a thing for babes from Sweden who can sing.

Two of my favorite First Aid Kit songs are “Emmylou” and “Silver Lining“. Click to listen.


Baby Stick Around

This week I knew I wanted to feature a Joe Jackson song but I had so much trouble picking just one. Damn, I have so much love for this man. Even though he’s like the fugliest person ever. His songs just put me in such a good mood. I love a lot of the tunes off of his “Look Sharp” album. In fact, the song “Look Sharp” was definitely a contender for the name of this post.

When I was in my first year of university I wore mini skirts a lot. Hell, I wore mini skirts a lot in high school too. And I still wear them often. One of the lyrics in Joe Jackson’s “Pretty Girls” says ” I found the girls there, long legs and blonde hair…I hear the mini skirt is coming back in style.” I was convinced he was singing about me even though the song had been written, performed, and produced way before I was born. Minor detail.

I think most people are familiar with his song “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” which is a classic. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at couples on the street and thought Hmmm something’s not right here.

I also like his song “I’m the Man” mostly because of the lyric “Now give me all your money cuz I know you think I’m funny.” It’s just such a fast, upbeat tune.

The namesake of this post is from a song that really makes me happy. It has almost a 50’s-ish feel. Like, I could see Richie Cunningham, Potsie and Ralph dancing to this. Man, imagine if your name (or nickname) was Potsie. Would you kill yourself or what?