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Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Mounties)

So majestic and noble.

Since I’ve been in Victoria, I haven’t seen any mounties. Mounties are one of those things that epitomizes Canada. Much like fatties to the United States. In England people made it a point to tell me about obesity in the US.  If I made a complaint about something British, people would often say, “Well at least we aren’t overweight like everyone in the states”. I couldn’t really argue it either. WE LIKE FOOD, OKAY?

Maybe I haven’t seen any mounties because I don’t actually live in the mountains. Paul just assured me that mounties do not strictly patrol mountainous regions. Apparently (this might be boring…but educational!) they are in charge of rural areas instead of more populated city areas. I live quite close to the city center so I guess it makes sense that I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any. So in Victoria, we have city police and in the towns further out, they have national, mounted police.

So my next question to Paul was–how do the mounties actually do any good when they are on horseback? Like, could you imagine them galloping to pull someone over? Waving a flashlight above their head to simulate a police car? Well I guess they aren’t mounted anymore. Which totally ruins everything. WHY are the even called mounties if they aren’t even mounted? Seeing a mountie in a car would just be weird :/

Lets be real. Mountie uniforms are super creepy, but they are original. I think they should go back to their roots, ditch the cars, find some horses, and patrol everywhere in Canada. I feel like people wouldn’t have to deal with as many tickets, AND you would get a free pony ride back to the station. Its a win/win situation if you ask me.