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1,000 Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? I love pictures, I love learning things through pictures. I love looking at different things. Some of these pictures will make you laugh, make you think, impress you, and maybe depress you. You’re welcome.

These Advertisements for Job Searches:

This Notebook:

This Athlete:

Swalha from Istanbul

This Great Waterslide of China…if it was real 😦

These Pictures:

In November of 1970, forty people were photographed at the exact instant after the photographer said, “You have a beautiful face.”

This Joke:

These Shots:

Alan Sailer is a California based photographer that shoots and captures food through high speed explosions with extremely high speed cameras.

This Pool on the State Border:

This Sketch:

This Posture:

This is what humans look like now.

These Ladies: