Michael Buble: More Annoying Than Ever.

Slightly misleading.

Canadian singer, Michael Buble had 70 people want their money back after a concert in the United States. Apparently this happens to him a lot. So much so that his agents were scared he was going to lose his fan base. He’s definitely lost me as a fan, but then again, I was never one to begin with.

Apparently, Michael is as annoying and gross as I thought he would be. He uses vulgarity to get laughs out of people. In my opinion, that’s the cheapest kind of humor one can use. In a report, Buble noted, “I get letters saying: ‘I really liked you, but you were crude, you were rude, you used foul language, and you were suggestive.'”

First of all, ew. I don’t know who Michael Buble thinks he is, but he’s only making himself seem more unattractive than he usually is. Does he even know his fan base? It’s probably people older than 40. Who is he trying to impress?

One of my ultimate pet peeves is when people think they can do anything because they’re famous. Paris Hilton is no more of an actress as Michael Buble is a comedian. Just do what you’re good at and stop trying to be funny and cool and great because it’s not working.

Michael’s response to all of this was, “Give them their money back. I don’t want them at my show. I don’t want some stuck-up prudes [who] can’t laugh at themselves. Give me my kind of people and we’ll be fine.”

Sooo what your saying is, you want to be in a concert hall surrounded by 30-something jackasses? Sorry, but they don’t listen to your crappy songs that you didn’t even write. I guess you’ll have to settle for the middle-aged women who’ve bought your albums and got you where you are today. Rough life, Michael!