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School Pride?

Typical US college stadium

It’s difficult to have school pride when your school looks gross. University of Victoria is rated #2 in comprehensive schools in the country. That is pretty impressive. Although there are only 20 universities in Canada…soooooooooo yeah.

Paul is a UVic alum and he has kindly driven me through the campus which is tucked away from the city and has lots of greenery. Chic. One of the characteristics that was specific to the school was that there were a crazy amount of bunnies around campus. I guess the bunnies became a problem and people wanted to exterminate them. Instead, officials decided to make the humane choice and relocate them to Texas or something. Normal. They were the only draw to the school in my eyes.

Its crazy that Canada only has about 20 schools in their entire country when the US has about 20 per state. As a side note, I just want to mention that one of the Canadian schools is called Nipissing. Yep.One would think that because they have less schools here, Canada would have more students per school making their universities have an increased amount of income. I’m pretty sure this is not the case. If it is, they are definitely not showing it.

University of Victoria's "stadium"

Lets just say that my high school’s football field is better quality than UVic’s sorry excuse for a stadium. Seriously what is this? Why is this allowed for college level activities? Poor future Canadian scholars. They have nothing to make their studying worth while. They have to continue looking out toward their crappy field and realize this is as good as it gets.

Also they have several totem poles on campus.