For My Mom

Last year I didn’t write a Mother’s Day piece because I was lazy. This year I am feeling equally as lazy, but I haven’t written anything in a long time and I’m feeling lots of love for my mom. Also, this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I had a bit of picture fiasco.

It’s kind of great because I can write this post and a lot of you know who I’m talking about. You know my mom’s sweetness, her sense of humor, her comforting words. She’s like the WordPress mom. But she’s my real mom so I win.

I am also writing this because my brother wrote my mom a really nice note and ugh I’m the favorite so I have to secure my spot up at the top. Jk.

But seriously.

My mom has had a rough year. My whole family has. I mean, I could kind of see it coming because, lets be real, 2013 cannot be considered a lucky number for anyone. But she’s strong. Almost too strong. She’s protected my brother and I from sadness when we were little even when she was crying inside. I think that’s the hardest thing a mom can do-smile for her kids when she just wants to curl up in a ball. I can’t imagine doing that. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had kids yet.tumblr_mkee4urjBn1roedvzo1_500

She’s always happy and healthy. She sets a great example for my brother and I even though we don’t always follow it. But she let us make our own mistakes, she’s still proud of us when we’re mean or disagreeable. She comforts us when we’re low. She lets us have our freedom.

She has unconditional love and calmed me down whenever I got stressed out. And now I don’t care about anything so I guess that worked!

Out of all the mothers in the world, I have one of the most selfless, brightest stars around. She’s helped me become the sassy, fun-loving person I am today. She’s helped me take chances I wouldn’t have done on my own, and for that I owe her everything.

Thanks for being my support system, my confidant, and my best friend. I love you!