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Girl Crush of the Week: Joanna Krupa

There’s really no explanation for my recent girl crush other than she’s a major babe. Like, her talents include modeling and being part of dramatic situations on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami. So there really isn’t much to say other than, nice looks.JOANNA KRUPA at Viva Glam Magazine Party

However, I like to give people a bit of credit and assume they have more going for them than their outer appearances. Sometimes. Joanna Krupa is originally from Poland which definitely gives her a cool cultural factor, despite the fact that she only lived there until she was 5 years old. But perhaps this a good thing because now the world is aware of the beautiful gene pools that Poland has to offer.

Speaking of awareness, Ms. Krupa is a fierce animal lover and is a spokesperson for PETA (I believe. It’s good that I do my research.). I have to give her extreme props for this because animals are the best and anyone that defends the creatures of the world is a friend of mine.Joanna-Krupa-403-1-848x1024

Joanna has some skills in the dance department because she finished in fourth place on Dancing with the Stars. I think this speaks volumes about Joanna. She’s probably the type of person that’s almost good at a lot things but not quite good enough. She is good at spending money though. Luckily she married someone who owns and operates his own nightclub. And we all know that nightclubs in Miami are the big money makers. Joanna and her husband were able to spend $1 million on their wedding and feel totally okay about it so I would assume that nightclubs are the thing to go into.

Anyway I think she’s a super hottie and most likely a good person. People might not be able to take her seriously because of her blindingly good¬†looks but I think she deserves a chance.


Girl Crush Of The Week: Cara Delevingne

I’ve been following my girl Cara D. for a while but I never had a reason to blog about her. Now that I have weekly girl crushes (I swear I’m not a lez…maybe) I’m free to write about anyone my heart desires. As long it’s a girl. ¬†And she’s hot.

I feel like Cara Delevingne has been in the modeling scene for a while but I didn’t take notice of her until Tumblr started pushing pictures of her in my face and now I’m like, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE, CARA?tumblr_mfbq9qSixE1rh56oxo1_500

This British gal, sister to Poppy Delevingne–model/socialite, has become the new face of everything. She’s like, the perfect model. She’s wispy, weird looking, and wonderfully whimsical. Try saying that 3 times fast LOL! Actually, please don’t because I hate when people do that. It’s like, oh congrats, you can say words?

I think I first started crushing on Cara was when I saw that she had her own unique sense of style and that she wasn’t afraid to be herself. She seems like she doesn’t take modeling very seriously (which is frustrating because so many people would die to have that job, but she’s like, yeah whatevs) and she’s making not-caring look really chic which is totally my thing, but okay.885d6__large-21139510

I watched her in an interview once and she was very bubbly and happy–making jokes and laughing about everything. She even confessed to playing video games a lot which makes me feel like we could be soul sisters.

Every designer and their mom has recruited Cara to be the face of their brand-from H&M to Burberry, Zara to Chanel, Victoria’s Secret to Oscar de la Renta. I even spotted her in the movie Anna Karenina. And now she’s on my blog. What will she do next?!

I don't feel comfortable with her this close to Eddie, but I will let it slide for the sake of a good Burb ad.

I don’t feel comfortable with her this close to Eddie, but I’ll let it slide for the sake of a good Burb ad.