The Groupon Debacle

Remember the days before Groupon where we had to buy everything full price? Or just not buy anything at all because we didn’t have any money or friends? Yeah those were the days. Now it feels like there’s a deal for everything. I’ve used Groupons for discounts on food, manicures, surfing, hotel rooms, and many other random things that I wouldn’t purchase on my own unless they were a really good dealio.

But sometimes Groupon is tricky. Let’s say you get all excited and buy a super cool discounted movie ticket (or something equally as dumb), print it out, put it somewhere for safe keeping, and then wait for the next time you want to see a movie. You end up dragging your spouse to Monsters University and you forget the Groupon that could have saved you some money. You tell yourself that you’ll bring it next time. But you forget again and again until the deal expires and you actually end up wasting your money. Sucker! Groupon gotcha!6a00e54f8c25c988340147e3eec591970b-450wi

One time my husband bought us a Groupon for a restaurant in town called Sauce. What a stupid name. Anyway, every weekend we kept telling ourselves “Okay we have to use the Sauce Groupon” until one day we walked past Sauce and it was closed. Like, it went out of business. Luckily Groupon refunded our money, but still. I really wanted to use that coupon.

Perhaps the worst Groupon experience I’ve had as of late involved the purchasing of hair tools. It was an amazing deal–spend $15 and get $115 worth of product. SUCH A GOOD DEAL, RIGHT? Wrong. I bought the Groupon and went to the website to buy a new curling iron, only to find out that nothing was cheaper than $200. Groupon got me big time. Or at least that hair tool company did. I could have just left my mistake alone and realized that I wasted $15 dollars, but I just went for it and bought a crazy curling iron for like $89 bucks. FML.

So children, I ask you to do your research. Learn from my Groupon mistakes. And don’t let your husband buy a tandem kayaking Groupon without your consent. If you don’t hear from me in the next month, I probably died by drowning in a flipped over kayak and an orca whale bit my torso off.


Spring Favorites

Remember when I used to do these favorites lists? No? Well then you better go back and read every post I’ve ever written. They’re basically lists of my favorite things of the season. Think of it as me helping you figure out what to be interested in.

1. The color turquoise. It seems like everyone has been into this color lately. I’m not trying to brag or be weird or anything, but I’m pretty sure I started it. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I invented the color turquoise. I would be completely comfortable in a house that was doused in the color.

So calming!

2. Peanut butter. Ohmigosh you guys. Clearly I didn’t eat enough peanut butter growing up because I’ve been making up for it within the past 2 months. Peanut butter on toast is so good. Especially if you spread the peanut butter on the toast when it’s still hot because then it gets all melty…brb.

3. The Hunger Games movie. I know it hasn’t been released to the public yet, but I already know it’s one of my favorites. I read the book and I’m just really excited. Has anyone else read the book? Is anyone else dragging their significant other (or being dragged by their significant other) to go see it?

4. Cooking. I never thought I would actually like preparing food, but it’s actually kind of fun! I mean, I mess things up a lot, but I make a lot of good stuff too! I don’t have a blender or an electric mixer, so I’m limited in some aspects, but I’m still learning. I made a really good chicken and zucchini pesto pasta the other day. I was so proud!

5. Spa treatments. I can’t really say that I’m getting a lot of them, or any, but they’re still my favorites. There’s nothing better than having someone rub your shoulders or putting stuff on your face or getting your nails painted. I even like getting my eyebrows waxed. Spring time is usually when I start pampering myself because lets face it, I hibernate during the entire winter.

I love when people paint my face.

6. Working out. Spring time is when society is supposed to get in shape for summer. I need to do this. My sister in law is running a 10k and while I imagine that I can do it too, I just know I’ll fail miserably and end up walking the last 8k. Should I sign up? It’s like 40 bucks which sucks, but I get a t-shirt!

7. Passion Tea Lemonade. Starbucks doesn’t have a lot of cold drinks that I like. I usually take a break from Starb during the warmer months. However, I do love passion tea lemonades. They are yum. I suggest you give one a try. Plus, they’re magenta colored which is kind of cool.

So refresh fresh!

8. Camping. I really want to go camping for some reason. If you know me, you might think I’m on some sort of drug for saying that. But in all seriousness, I haven’t gone camping since the summer before my senior year of high school! I think it’s about time. Plus it would be so blog worthy. I would take pictures and everything!

Thoughts? What are some of your favorites this month?