To Laugh or Not to Laugh

The other day I was watching a fine television program called Khloe and Lamar. During the episode, Lamar’s friend Jamie decides that he has what it takes to become and actor. Jamie shows how versatile he can be by demonstrating his Scarface impersonation and then his Robert De Niro impersonation. Is there no end to his talent?

On a radio show Jamie tells a really bad joke that he obviously heard somewhere else. It’s one thing if you steal a good joke, but when you steal a bad joke? Forgettaboutit. The radio hosts laugh a little too loudly and proceed to tell Jamie how funny he is. How many times do we do this? Tell someone they’re funny when they’re not. Laugh at someone’s joke to make them feel good. Are we doing it to because it’s what we’re supposed to do?

He's got a face for radio.

I’ve definitely found myself in situations where I say “That’s so funny!” but I’m not actually laughing. I think there was a How I Met Your Mother Episode about that once. No it was Scrubs. Definitely Scrubs. And the girl was played by Mandy Moore. She would only say “That’s so funny!” instead of actually laughing. Why is my mind filled up with this crap?

That looks like a fake laugh to me, Manders.

Sometimes, if I’m watching a funny movie by myself, I’ll just watch it without laughing. I can do that if I’m alone. When there are other people in the room, and they’re laughing, it makes me laugh more. But if I’m by myself, it takes a lot to make me laugh. Even if I find the movie hilarious, I can sit there, straight-faced like a zombie. Why is that? What’s wrong with me?

Has anyone’s laugh made you laugh more? I pretty much lose it when my brother laughs. He’s so tall, but whenever he laughs he like, giggles and makes the weirdest sounds. It’s so funny. I’m on a never-ending journey to make him laugh all the time.

How do you usually respond if someone isn’t funny, but they think they are? Do you encourage them? Do you give a pity laugh? How do you handle this weird situation?