Only Skin Deep

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes someone beautiful. Obviously if someone has a great personality and kind heart it makes them beautiful from the inside out, but if we only see someone’s outer appearance initially, what traits make a person catch our eye?

Everyone has different taste. Take celebrities for example, everyone has their crushes and some people will agree and some people won’t. I don’t see what the Ryan Gosling deal is, but tons of other women (and men) love him. He has thin lips, guys!

This brings me to another question. Do we find people attractive because we recognize subconsciously that they have similar features to our own? This is a very narcissistic view, but I think there’s a lot of truth to it. You know how some couples start looking like each other over time? What if they always had similar characteristics but we just didn’t notice it until they had matching wrinkles? I think my husband looks more like me than my own brother. It’s a weird thing. It also explains why I had a bulletin board dedicated to Taylor Hanson when I was 9.taylor-hanson

During Christmas time, I went to a party with a bunch of my husband’s friends. I met a girl there who really spoke her mind. She kept telling me how beautiful I was and how lucky I must feel to go through life with a face like mine. Of course I stayed by her the entire night because she became my new best friend forever. But it makes me wonder what is it about my face that attracted her? What attributes did I have that she liked? I should’ve asked her to expand. “Please, tell me more. Go into detail if you must.”

Have you ever had the urge to compliment someone on a characteristic that they have no control over but it just stands out to you so much that you have to say something? Why do we feel the need?

I have to say that the best compliments are about who you are as a person, not what you look like on the outside. You can change your outer appearance so easily. You can dye your hair, tan your skin, get color contacts. But who you are as a person, your spirit, your sense of humor, your wisdom, all make you YOU.

What physical characteristic is the most attractive to you, and which personality trait are you most drawn to?