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You may or may not remember that I was having computer problems last time I posted on here. I continued to have them for a while afterward and was in the early stages of having a mental breakdown because of it. I spent a lot of time complaining to my husband how necessary it is to have a laptop for writing blog posts (among other things) and he gave me this big spiel about how no one will use laptops in a couple of years so I should just calm down. Well, until that technologically savvy year comes I refuse to believe that anything of worth will be written by using an iPad keyboard. Autocorrect can suck it.

But really, friends, foes, how are you? I’ve missed being present in the blogosphere. I’ve been a bad blogger and commentor and just bad in general. I need to redeem myself a bit.

I’m on vacay right now so I have time to take a moment for myself to type and eat Nantucket cookies and Pirouettes. Pepperidge ¬†Farm doesn’t mess around. They know what’s up. However, my enjoyment has ceased a bit because I decided to get sunburned in the worst possible place. My butt. Whenever I sit down, wear underwear that scratches, or try to ride my bike, I’m met with a somewhat painful sensation. Wouldn’t suggest it. I will be looking hella tan back there in a week though.tumblr_mnw1vy45be1rvqzzoo1_500

Anyway, that’s about it. Not much of an update but I suppose it will do. I’ll post my vacation mix if I get enough interest in that. I’m still a fan of making mix cds even though apparently cds will be a thing of the past 5 minutes ago.



I usually have a set topic that I plan to talk about in my posts, but today I have nothing. Actually, for the past few days I’ve been in a blogging dry spell. I guess I’m just uninspired. The main purpose of this post is so I don’t have to see Ryan Gosling’s tattooed face anymore.

I used to do awesome gif posts, but my computer had a bit of a meltdown. It was in a slow decline ever since I moved to Canada (I guess it doesn’t like it here). One day I tried using it and it just wouldn’t work. It said “Operating System not found.” And I was like Awww hell naw. I took it to get fixed and I cost $100 bucks. And then it broke again three days later. So I took it in again and said “You better fix it for free this time.” So hardcore.

Actually it was more like, “Umm can you maybe fix this for no charge if you have time?”

I hate myself.

I think the second time it broke was really my own fault though because I tried opening World of Warcraft on it and my computer was like, REALLY?! and just went to a black screen. So I’ve been using my husband’s new computer. He’s so sweet for letting me use his. It’s hard though because I don’t have my itunes on his laptop (and I really want to download Sleigh Bells’ album!!!) and all of my gifs that I wanted to use were on my old computer. But apparently it’s fixed now so whatever.

Speaking of Sleigh Bells, have you seen the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new movie based on the Hollywood Hills Burglaries/Alexis Neiers/Pretty Wild? I’m pretty psyched for it since Emma Watson has clearly found her calling and looks hot in a movie for once in her life. (The song at the end of the trailer is Crown on the Ground by Sleigh Bells)

I hate asking this question because I asked it in a status on facebook (Ugh I know) and it turned into a PC vs. Mac battle¬†extraordinaire. If you had to buy a new computer, which brand would you go for? And if you say HP or a brand I’ve never heard of, you’re not invited on my blog anymore. Actually, please say Sony Vaio because my last two computers were Sonys and I feel the most comfortable with them.

Also, I’m almost done with another book so I’m one step closer to writing a Lily’s Literature post! I really like writing those for some reason. I feel I do an okay job of reviewing books. Reviewing movies on the other hand….well, just read my last post. It’s not so much of a review as it is a play-by-play of the entire movie. So yeah, I’m really good at those.

Does anyone have any good weight loss tips? And I don’t mean exercise and eat healthy. I mean lose 20 pounds in a week tips. If so, make sure you tell me in the comments.

So what’s new with you?¬†


The Benefits of Being Online

The world has changed incredibly in the span of twenty years. When I was little, my family didn’t have a computer. I don’t remember having one until I was at least 9. Even then I don’t think I ever went “online”. The only activity that I did on the computer was typing my name over and over again in different fonts. I still do that on occasion.

Now it seems that I can’t go a day without being online. I have to check my “stuff” which consists of email, twitter, blogs, facebook, tumblr, pinterest…the list goes on. Of course there are times when I’m away and can’t check my stuff. Those are the times when I’m sitting in a corner and rocking myself back and forth.

One might look at this scenario and think my online life is unhealthy. Fortunately, I’m one of the light cases. I know for a fact that teenagers stay online for hours and hours on end. Even if they aren’t physically at a computer, they can still go online with their phones. I know I’m painting an extreme picture, but the internet, despite being a big time-waster, is actually an amazing thing.

We are able to connect with people around the world without leaving our homes (or beds…in my case). We are able to meet friends, share stories, and fall in love online. Some would even say it’s easier to meet people online because no one is judging you by your appearance, just by what you say.

Personally, I am more relaxed when I’m talking to people online than in real-life. Online, you can choose to respond to a conversation whenever and however you want to. You can take the time to think about what you want to say before your say it. You can eloquently word your input instead of trying to come up with the right words in your head. Everything is smoother and thought out. We can really be our best selves online for that reason.

Will we turn into drones that don’t know how to talk in the future? Possibly. Will we go blind from the light of our computers constantly being shone into our eyes? Most likely. But we’ll have many more acquaintances than we ever could have met in our own day to day lives. We can relate to others and realize that others can relate to us. We can comfort and be comforted. We can laugh and share thought-provoking stories. And that might be worth something in the long run.