gif posts

Hump Day

When Paul asks what I want to do on the weekend:

Whenever I see my in-laws:

Whenever I do a blog awards post:

Anytime Paul wants to go to a party:

Me, trying to meet people:

Whenever someone suggests dinner and a movie:

Anytime a car cuts me off in traffic:

How I feel about the book I’m reading right now:

Whenever it’s crowded downtown:

The second that Paul comes home from work:

How I feel when I log onto Facebook:

How I feel when I wake up every morning:


Everyday Annoyances

Whenever I meet someone and they only talk about themselves:

When I try to help someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer:

If someone is making me dinner:

When it’s time to do the dishes:

When I talk to myself about blogging:

If someone tries to censor what I say or do:

If someone tries to insult me:

When Paul asks me how my day was:

When I think about dieting and exercising:

When the woman at the insurance agency was giving me a hard time:

If I don’t have a comeback during an argument: