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Kate’s Mistake

I think we’ve all heard about Kate Middleton’s topless photos by now, haven’t we? The reason it’s a big story is because, well, that’s not how a princess should act. At least in my opinion.

Here’s the scoop, Kate and Wills were on vacation in France and a photographer snapped some pictures of the couple while Kate was topless (to be fair, William was topless too!). The photographer gave the pictures to the French tabloid, Closer, and they were published for all the world to see. William was livid and took action, suing Closer for their nice spread of Kate’s boobies.

Kate, your boobs are EVERYWHERE.

Many people would say, “Isn’t Kate allowed to be topless on her private vacation? She’s only human!” Yes, she is allowed! But if she wants to be seen in a certain, professional and royal light, then she has to watch herself when she forgets to wear a top. Not to sound harsh, but it’s no one’s fault but Kate’s. Look, I’m all for Kate having fun and living it up. But she should know by now that photographers are everywhere, professional, or not. She will always be one of the most photographed people ever, and if she thinks that she can take off her top and no one will be the wiser, she is sorely mistaken.

I don’t think it’s fair that William and Kate took action against the magazine. After all, they were only doing their job. If you don’t want to be featured in scandalous pictures, don’t invite scandal. If you don’t care, then be free! Go topless! And bottomless for that matter.

You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. So I decided to find the pictures, because I wanted to be fully informed on the issue. What a disappointment. If only Kate would put on a little weight, then she might have some crowd-pleasing breasticles, but alas, her slight frame proved to be a letdown. Perhaps that was the reason that William was so upset? He didn’t want everyone to see Kate’s invisible boobs?

Kate may be royalty, but now I have a one-up on her. Or maybe a two-up?