Men With Earrings

The other day I was in the movie theater with my friend getting ready to watch The Internship. I was trying to enjoy my Milk Duds and also wondering if my friend would move seats with me if the women behind us kept talking as loud as they were. When all of a sudden a really weird Mr. Clean commercial came on.

It showed Mr. Clean as an animated baby (he grew up on a farm–who knew?!) and his journey through life with his passion to clean. Like, are these really the advertisements that companies¬†are paying for? And why do we even have commercials at the movie theater? I hate the world so much.

Anyway, I couldn’t help noticing Mr. Clean’s earring. Has he always had that piercing? I was alarmed that I never noticed it before. Would it be too extreme if the reason I don’t buy any Mr. Clean products in the future is because I feel uncomfortable with his look? Like, he had to consciously take a break from cleaning his family’s farm, go to Claire’s piercing studio in the mall and get a gold hoop earring. For some reason I can’t picture it.

It's really convenient that his last name is something he loves to do.

It’s really convenient that his last name is something he loves to do.

Then I started thinking of other grown men who sport a single earring that I’ve lost all respect for. Off the top of my head I thought of Harrison Ford. I remember him being in a People Magazine spread with Calista Flockhart laying in the grass, looking awkward as hell. I remember my parents laughing at the couple and how malnourished Calista looked alongside Harrison who seemed to be going through some sort of midlife crisis. Hence the earring.

I also immediately thought of Bruce Jenner. Poor, sad, Bruce Jenner. I had lost respect for Bruce before I even knew that he was a respectable person. I mean, he’s the only one out of the Kardashian clan who has actual talent. That being said, he makes bad choices along with the rest of them, including but not limited to: plastic surgery, flying remote control helicopters, marrying Kris Kardashian-Jenner, wearing a single earring.

I think Bruce gets mixed signals though because I’m pretty sure Rob Kardashian wears an earring and so does Lamar Odom (his step son-in-law). But it’s different because Rob is young and Lamar is black so they can both look cool doing pretty much anything.

What are your thoughts about men with earrings?