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It’s rare that I post about the  goings-on in my life. Mostly because there’s nothing going on to report about. But this week, I have a couple of bits and bobs to talk about so I figured I would throw them all into one messy post. I know it’s not Freshly Pressed worthy, but we can’t be perfect every day.

The first order of business is that Rarasuar asked me to guest post on her blog! I was super excited but I was also super scared because I’m not creative and I never know what to write about. She gave me some cool prompts to choose from so when you have time you should wander over there and see which one I picked!

The second order of business is that BreezyK at The Camel Life sent me a sweet Christmas present in the mail! I only got it last week because the mail takes forevs. A while ago she held a drawing for her followers to win special mix tapes that she made. I entered assuming that I wouldn’t win because I never win anything and my name was pulled out of a hat! Or maybe a bowl…I don’t remember. The CD is amazing and it’s filled with a lot of songs that I hadn’t heard before and some familiar tunes. I was so excited to have a little piece of Breezy’s heart with me to listen to whenever I want. That sounds so creepy, but really, she described the mix as a piece of her heart. Thanks Bree!

Hopefully this mix wasn't supposed to be secret because I'm showing it to the world.

Hopefully this mix wasn’t supposed to be secret because I’m showing it to the world.

I feel like I need to start my own fan club or something. Is it allowed for people to be the president of their own fan club? I mean, I would totally do it.

Third order of business is that I’ve started to get slightly crafty. Don’t worry, I’m not using hot glue guns or crocheting rugs, but I have started to dabble in painting and jewelry. I bought an over-sized serving tray a while ago to sit on my ottoman because we don’t have a coffee table. We still don’t really use the tray or ottoman as a coffee table, but  the tray looks much better now that it’s painted. I made the mistake of not taking a BEFORE picture, but here’s what it looked like AFTER:DSC02487

The paint color I used was Swimming by Sherwin Williams. I love paint names.

The jewelry making has proved to be a harder feat than I expected. My friend invited me to a jewelry making get together and I had no idea what to do. I just figured I would craft some friendship bracelets for myself or something. My friend told me that she looks for inspiration on Pinterest and then tries to copy a design that she likes. I thought that was a smart idea so I perused through my jewelry board and realized that everything I like is impossible to make except for this:281475045430700403_bPznEwXS_c

I’m in the process of making my own variation. They didn’t have those pretty turquoise beads at Michael’s so I just bought blue ones. Let me tell you, stringing beads is no easy thing. I’ll probably lose my eyesight because of this stupid necklace.

And lastly, I’m going to start doing posts called Lily’s Literature where I give a short review on the last three books that I’ve read. The first one I did was called Good Reads because I talked about the website. I’ll probably change the title on that one to Lily’s Literature because it has a certain ring to it, don’tcha think? Anyway, these posts will probably take a while for me to complete because I’m a slow reader. Just be patient, young grasshoppers.

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Skiing With Lily (Guest Post by CozyinChicago)

Look at me, I am so cool writing a “guest post.”  Really, Lily doesn’t know what she agreed to! ha ha.  Lily and I go way back as we grew up close to each other in the Chicago area.  And, it just so happened that we ended up at the same college for a while until she decided to be too “cool” for the USA and hop over the pond to London…ok, I guess thats kind of cool.  Now she thinks she’s super cool and landed in…Canada?  Yikes.  JK LILY.  Ok, so I decided to write about Abby & Lily’s skiing adventures, mostly because its hilarious for me and probably really embarrassing for Lily…but I know you guys will get a kick out of it.

I somehow convinced Lily to sign up for a skiing class with me in undergrad.  I mean in my mind, skiing+college credit=what could go wrong?  You basically get to ski for free for a semester and get classes which is a great deal!  Lily hadn’t ever been skiing before the class so I decided, being the wonderful person that I am, to take her up before classes started and show her the ropes.  Now while a good portion of our day consisted of taking sweet pics to post on facebook:223314_503775868189_6737_n
The rest consisted of Lily like this:safety_fall
And a lot of swearing.  Actually, I’m surprised she is still talking to me today, you all know how she is with grudges.  Then it came to the semester long class.  We had these weird sort of “try out” things where they watched us ski and then put us in classes based on ability.  Somehow I got put with the crazies who like to jump off cliffs and ski in “unchartered territory”…wtf?  My teacher literally called me “the Chicago princess” just cause I valued my LIFE.  ugh.  So while I was stuck with those bozos Lily got a PRIVATE class and got to hear all the ski instructor gossip.  Really, it was like Real Ski Instructors of Beaver Mountain or something…she’d tell me all the dirt on our rides home.  I was jealous.  By the end of the class I think Lily could make it down the hill in one piece with a little bit less swearing…right?  Don’t know if she’ll ever ski again but it was definitely some great memories.  Maybe I”ll have to make my way out to Canada for some skiing…Lily??
*If you want to read more of Abby’s work, go to!