The Groupon Debacle

Remember the days before Groupon where we had to buy everything full price? Or just not buy anything at all because we didn’t have any money or friends? Yeah those were the days. Now it feels like there’s a deal for everything. I’ve used Groupons for discounts on food, manicures, surfing, hotel rooms, and many other random things that I wouldn’t purchase on my own unless they were a really good dealio.

But sometimes Groupon is tricky. Let’s say you get all excited and buy a super cool discounted movie ticket (or something equally as dumb), print it out, put it somewhere for safe keeping, and then wait for the next time you want to see a movie. You end up dragging your spouse to Monsters University and you forget the Groupon that could have saved you some money. You tell yourself that you’ll bring it next time. But you forget again and again until the deal expires and you actually end up wasting your money. Sucker! Groupon gotcha!6a00e54f8c25c988340147e3eec591970b-450wi

One time my husband bought us a Groupon for a restaurant in town called Sauce. What a stupid name. Anyway, every weekend we kept telling ourselves “Okay we have to use the Sauce Groupon” until one day we walked past Sauce and it was closed. Like, it went out of business. Luckily Groupon refunded our money, but still. I really wanted to use that coupon.

Perhaps the worst Groupon experience I’ve had as of late involved the purchasing of hair tools. It was an amazing deal–spend $15 and get $115 worth of product. SUCH A GOOD DEAL, RIGHT? Wrong. I bought the Groupon and went to the website to buy a new curling iron, only to find out that nothing was cheaper than $200. Groupon got me big time. Or at least that hair tool company did. I could have just left my mistake alone and realized that I wasted $15 dollars, but I just went for it and bought a crazy curling iron for like $89 bucks. FML.

So children, I ask you to do your research. Learn from my Groupon mistakes. And don’t let your husband buy a tandem kayaking Groupon without your consent. If you don’t hear from me in the next month, I probably died by drowning in a flipped over kayak and an orca whale bit my torso off.

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Surfing USA..ehm I Mean Canada

I have a rule with myself where I can’t hate anything until I try it. Actually that’s not true at all. I pretty much hate everything off the bat and then realize that I really like to do whatever it is I was hating on after trying it. And I’m always up for trying things at least once.

My wonderful husband found a Groupon for a weekend’s stay in a cabin at a seaside town up island called Ucluelet (or Ukee as the locals call it). Ukee’s neighboring town is called Tofino and it’s known for being a quaint little surf town. I couldn’t wrap my head around Canada having it’s own surfing location. Especially in February. How many waves could there really be? And wouldn’t the water be frozen? It’s already too cold to go into even in the summer months, so I figured there was no way people could go in during the winter. I was wrong.

Not only did we have a Groupon for our accommodation, we also had Groupons (given to us by my friend who wasn’t going to use them) for surf lessons.

Ukee and Tofino were dead during this time of the year. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed and there were only locals and die-hard surfers cruising about. The population during the winter in these towns is usually around 2,000 and increases to 10,000 during the summer. Crazy huh? This is the reason why I keep referring to Ucluelet as Ukee–I’m basically a local. Also,  there was a surprising amount of Australians there. I don’t know why they would be in Tofino during the winter, while it’s summer in Australia, but whatevs.

A rocky beach in Ucluelet. I definitely didn't go surfing there.

A rocky beach in Ucluelet. I definitely didn’t go surfing there.

Our little cabin that we stayed in was adorbs. It was one room with a loft at the top. There was a mini kitchen, a breakfast nook, and even WiFi! It was called Surf’s Inn. We stayed in what they called a Rainforest Cottage. I bet you didn’t know that Ucluelet and Tofino are home to some of the biggest rainforests. Don’t get excited–not tropical rainforests. Temperate rainforests. I didn’t know they existed either. Kind of like how I didn’t know Tofino or Ucluelet existed.

I was really dreading the day that we had reservations to go surfing. I knew I would freeze in the water and that my body would hurt from all the exercise. But I was wrong. Well, my body definitely hurt from all the exercise, but I didn’t freeze. The water was 45 degrees Fahrenheit and I was swimming in it like it was no big deal. I never realized the beauty of wetsuits until the day that I went surfing in the Pacific Ocean in February.

When we met our surf instructor at Tofino Surf School, I couldn’t stop smiling when I listened to him talk. He sounded like Crush from Finding Nemo. It was amazing. He used words like, “noggin”, “sweet”, “killer”, and “rad”. It was too good. Like, that alone was worth the money. Not that we paid for anything since we had Groupons, but still. He was a gem.Crush

I don’t think I was built for surfing. First of all, I have no upper body strength. Just carrying my board to the beach made my arms ache. So the fact that I tried to push myself up into a standing position on my board and failed miserably, was no surprise to me. I was able to catch waves, just not stand up on them. I gave it a good two hours until I called it quits. My body just wouldn’t cooperate after a while so there was no use. But it was still amazing to try and really fun.

I have no shame anymore so here's a picture of me in a wetsuit. So flattering.

I have no shame anymore so here’s a picture of me in a wetsuit. So flattering.

After surfing we had some delicious grub at a restaurant called Shelter. I had a shrimp and bacon sandwich with yam fries. It was just what my body needed. Then I slept like a log for 2 hours.