Award Time

I was recently nominated for two blog awards! The first being the Glitter E. Yaynus award from Guapola. Thanks for always reading my posts and making me laugh with your comments, Guap! And the other being the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) award from Conchsaladesque. She’s from The Bahamas and I will be forever jealous of that. Thanks for the award Lovely!

First I’ll start with the Glitter E. Yaynus award.

Is that a picture of Lady Gaga's face in a pile of coke? I don't get it.

The Rules:

Name 5 things I do that would make people want to kill me:

I sing/rap in my car a lot. It’s probably so annoying, but whenever a song comes on, I have to jam.

I say super inappropriate things. I usually offend people or embarrass myself on a weekly basis.

I hate flat sheets. Any time I get in a bed that has them, I rip them out. Even if someone made the bed nicely just for me. Flat sheets are so gross and twisty!

I can always find something to complain about. It’s usually about work because I don’t want to get out of bed.

Not getting out of bed. Ever.

I’m supposed to list 5 things I would stick up my butt, but I think I might do the clean, old lady version that A Gripping Life and Linda Vernon did: 5 things I would bring to Uranus.

My iPod. So I can sing/rap in peace.

A coat and legwarmers because I get cold so easily. And I imagine Uranus would be slightly frozen.

A coloring book. So therapeutic. You should try it!

A flashlight.

My iPad. I’ll want to keep in contact with everyone. You know, keep up my blogging and stuff. So necessary.

Run across a freeway blindfolded.

Ummm no?

Pick a Prom Court:

Mooselicker – Because it would be interesting to see if we really are, indeed, the same person. And then kill each other.

Michael Cargill and Pete Howorth – Because we need some Brits at the Prom.

Jell Jell – Because I want to meet EB and cuddle her.

No Blog Intended – Because she knows how to get dressed up!

Addie – To see her reaction when Paul Simon isn’t played.

Onto the ABC award!

I think this award is just simply nominating your favorite blogs. So I will just nominate everyone on my blog roll because I’m lazy. Lots o love to my homies.