Lush Review

I’ve been trying to space out my Lush Reviews because I know not everyone is interested in them, but I’m also aware that some people love them so I try not to hold off too long. It’s a fine balance. I have some good reviews lined up so let’s jump right in, shall we?

The last time I was at home in Chicago, I made a couple Lush purchases to soothe my frozen soul body. The scent in particular that really calms me, and is said to calm most folks, is lavender. So obvs I picked up the Golden Slumbers bath bomb. Not only is the bomb dusted in a sparkly golden powder, but it smells of lavender oil and chamomile. It seems to go the extra distance to assure that your body will be relaxed. It even has little sprigs of lavender that float around your tub to give off that earthy-romantic feel. You know what I mean? Sadly, I think this bomb might have been discontinued which is actually really rude of Lush.3_lush-golden-slumbers-bath-bomb

When I was bathing in my bath of luxurious lavender, I popped the French Kiss bubble bar under the faucet for extra entertainment. I don’t typically enjoy the look of Lush’s bubble bars–they look like children’s Play-Doh creations–but this one actually appeals to me. It’s white and purple with a sprig of lavender popping out of the top. Like a tie-dye Hershey’s Kiss. It makes big, beautiful bubbles and gives off a strong lavender and rosemary scent. It’s also infused with coconut oil so it makes your bath water nourishing and causes your skin to be silky smooth when you step out.lush-french-kiss

I was also brave and decided to try one of Lush’s shampoos–a cult product, BIG. I don’t know about you, but I don’t use quality shampoo. I’ll usually purchase the cheaper brands that tend to smell good, but don’t do a lot for my already limp locks. Hairdressers will often comment how my scalp has a lot of buildup (thanks?) and how my hair doesn’t have a lot of lift (sweet). BIG definitely helps with these issues of mine. Made with tonssss of sea salt, this shampoo scrubs my scalp and cleanses my head leaving my hair follicles light and my head surprisingly clean. The scent is hard to describe. It’s very perfume-y with hints of citrus and vanilla. I try not to use this shampoo daily. Maybe once every week and a half because you don’t get much bang for your buck with this product.LUSH-Big-Shampoo1

What beauty products have you been using lately?