Red Meat in Georgia Straight

The title of this post should make absolutely no sense to you. I will explain. When we were in Vancouver, Paul picked up a newspaper out of one of those newspaper boxes. Newspaper boxes freak me out. You know they have hobo pee all over them, don’t you? Well, they do.

The Georgia Straight is an offbeat weekly mag that is distributed in Vancouver for free. Let me just point out that I don’t trust anything that’s free. Unless we’re talking about the samples in Costo–too good to pass up.

I call this magazine offbeat because it has a groovy feel. I guess they got in trouble because they published an article on how to grow pot. So not only are they an usual publication, they’re a stupid one as well.

While I was giving it a read through, I found myself looking at the comics. Okay, lets be honest, I went straight to the comics. I was taken aback when I saw that they had one of my favorite comics, Red Meat, in their paper.

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When I was about 16 I found a book of Red Meat comics in my house. I was creeped, but not half as creeped as when I was read Edward Gorey stories as a child. Gashlycrumb Tinies will always be imprinted in my mind. Red Meat comics aren’t HILARIOUS. But they make me laugh more than Garfield or Dilbert or something equally as stupid. I was just excited to see it make an appearance in a newspaper since it’s not that popular. And glad to know that I’m not the only one who likes Milkman Dan.