Teeth Tales

I went to the dentist today. I’ve always been one of those weird people who liked going to the dentist. I like the idea of people cleaning part of me so that I don’t have to. Regardless of how many cavities I had or how many X-rays I needed, I would always come out with shiny, clean teeth so the trips were always successful in my eyes. It’s totally not a big deal that I had 7 cavities at one time when I was eighteen. It was chic and cavities were really in that year I swear.

Today I only had one. That’s pretty good in my book. Up until I turned eighteen, I hadn’t ever had a cavity. It was something I would brag about. Now Novocain and I are bffs. I get to go back tomorrow and get my cavity worked on, so that should be fun. My dentist still lets me pick out sweet prizes so it’s always a pleasure to go back for more. They also have a dog. It’s a pretty chill place to hang out. Oh, and they also take music requests. I swear my dentist’s office isn’t in the back of some guy’s van. That’s what I’m making it sound like.

My dental hygienist was cleaning my teeth and asked me how flossing was going for me. I said, “How do you think it’s going?” And she said that it was okay, because if I flossed, my teeth would be in perfect condish. So I’ll remember that next time I feel like impressing my dentist.

Eating an apple tonight was probably a mistake because it will be stuck in my teeth for another 6 months, I’m sure of it.