I don’t know about you, but I have to laugh every time I hear the song ‘Babylon’ by David Gray. You may or may not know that often times US interrogators use barring music as a form of torture in order to get answers or responses from the people they’re questioning. It’s hard for me to imagine loud music on repeat ever bothering me, never mind torturing me, but I’m sure it’s painful and I wouldn’t ever want to experience it.

The thing that makes me giggle is that David Gray’s soft-spoken lyrics and smooth guitar melodies have been used to such torture. Take a moment and picture an inmate at Guantanamo crying, in pain from David Gray’s voice. Torture is not funny, but this image for some reason makes me laugh because it’s so ridiculous.

The idea that his music could be seen as torturous to people pushed David Gray to address the media saying that “It doesn’t matter what the music is–it could be Tchaikovsky’s or it could be Barney the Dinosaur.” Meaning that, if any type of music is loud enough and played over and over, it will be painful. But they didn’t pick Tchaikovsky or Barney, Mr. Gray, they picked your mellow voice.

One night at dinner, ‘Babylon’ came on and I mentioned the whole debacle to my dad and brother and husband (who already knew about it). We all had a bit of a laugh thinking about the torture music we were listening to and my husband, Paul, defended Gray’s honor by noting that his album, White Ladder was featured in Rolling Stones’ Top 1,000 Albums of All Time.

My brother then responded, “Yeah it’s in my Top 1,000 Albums too because I can’t even think of 1,000 albums.”

I don’t know why, but I found this super hilarious and almost died laughing.

Do you like David Gray’s music or is it like torture to you?

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Top 1000

Gift from the gods.

Last night I reached 1000 views on my blog! Just so you know, I played no part in 994 of those views. I feel like this joyous moment should be commemorated with my list of 1000’s.  I do not have 1000 items on this list, and its definitely not a “1000 things to do before you die” type of thing. Its just a compilation of things in life that contain the number 1000.

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed 1000 days of class Kindergarten-Undergrad. School is just so…mundane.

There are definitely 1000 people that I can’t stand. I will name 20 just so you get an idea. Susan Sarandon, Joy Behar, Guiliana Rancic, Kris Humphries, LuAnn de Lesseps, Teresa Guidice, Casey Anthony, Bono, Julianne Moore, Martha Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Stewart, Kelly Ripa, Kelly Bensimon, George Lopez, Alison Pill, Dakota Fanning, Jenna Fischer, Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively.

The profusion of 1000 flowers to make the smell of Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor & Rolf. Come to think of it, I use 1000 sprays daily.

The number of times I have been to Disney World.

The amount of calories I usually eat in 5 minutes.

How many steps I won’t be taking on a walk today.

The number of strange dogs I have pet.

How much I weigh. Yep, in pounds.

The time when Paul said David Gray’s album was in his top 1000 albums. Hahahaa

Number of times that Avril Lavigne’s teeth have mesmerized me.

Times I have watched Clueless. And Titanic.

Barbie’s I have given a haircut.

Number of sports I don’t like.

Number of bugs that freak me out.

The amount of tater tots I can eat.

The amount of times I have randomly burst into tears.

How many times I wish I wasn’t washing dishes.

The number of Pokemon I wish were real.

Times I wished I looked like Frida Pinto.

Times I’ve laughed at my own jokes.