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Tuned In

One of my favorite pictures ever.

Paul and I love listening to music. That may seem like a stupid statement–who doesn’t like listening to music? Trust me, there are weird and creepy people out there who don’t. I just want to set the record straight and say that Paul and I are cool and have good taste in music. My taste is slightly better.  And by slightly, I mean only.

When Paul and I were in England and there was nothing to do (every other day) we would go on youtube and jam out to tunes and compare faves. Every so often I would choose a song and Paul would say, “Oh, they’re Canadian.” Which would then be followed by my death stare.

Truth is, this started happening way too much. Now I realize one of Canada’s true callings is making music. And its kind of cute too because sometimes they make really bad music (The Crash-Test Dummies and Nickelback). But most of the time they know what they’re doing (Metric, Arcade Fire, Rush, City & Colour, Sam Roberts) . Either way, this country really appreciates a good song. I even noticed on one of my last posts that one of the bands I mentioned was Canadian (hint: It’s not Adele).

However, I think Canada’s specialty is guilty pleasure music. Hello Avril, Alanis, The Guess Who, and Bryan Adams. And lets not forget Biebs.