Sleepovers were exciting when I was a youngster. Hell, they’re still exciting. They’re not always comfortable, but no one ever promised comfort. They promised games, staying up way past your bedtime, pranks, and some tears (whether they were from laughing too hard or crying, there were always tears). The one sleepover that’s still vivid in my mind is my friend Kelly’s birthday party.

Side note: I do remember an instance from a sleepover at my house. One single friend was sleeping over with me and my cute little brother who was probably 4 came in the room wearing an over-sized shirt for bed. I asked my friend if she wanted to see something funny, and lifted up my brother’s shirt, revealing his belly and little undies. He was so sad. The next day my mom said that he asked her why I’m so mean to him. Ugh heartbreaking. The reason I remember this so clearly is because it literally scarred me for life.

ANYWAY Kelly was one of my best friends who, before I moved away, I informed that I didn’t want to be her friend anymore. I really knew how to make a clean break. She cried at recess. Why was I the worst child of all time? This sleepover was before that though. Everything was fine and I was invited to spend the night with other gals. Some I knew, some I didn’t.

I remember bringing a long fleece nightgown to sleep in for some reason, not thinking about how hot I would get wearing that while inside a sleeping bag. When I got there we ate and ran around the house–typical stuff when you’re a child hopped up on sugar. There was a token mischievous girl who liked to cause trouble, one who was really loud, and the rest were relatively normal. Excluding me and my fleece nightgown.

When the sun started to set, “Spice World” was turned on and we danced to the same two songs on repeat. All I have to say is God bless Kelly’s mom and dad. I fear the day that I have to host my child’s sleepover. By the third time “Spice Up Your Life” played, I was sufficiently drenched.spice world

At around 10 or 11pm we started sneaking upstairs. I remember crawling in single file formation into Kelly’s parent’s room as they watched TV in bed. After a while they kicked us out. We were laughing pretty hard by that time so of course, minutes later we did it again. I said it once and I’ll say it again. God bless Kelly’s parents.

The next morning I woke up dripping with sweat from my poor choice of sleep wear. I was also exhausted from the night’s festivities. My mom would usually make us go to bed at 7:30 because she wanted to get rid of us. I don’t blame her though. Whenever I babysit for someone and they tell me that their kid’s bedtime is 9pm, I’ll roughly translate that to 7pm. It’s just a survival method. So yeah, since I was used to going to bed so early, I was pretty tired. However, if I woke up fully rested, it wouldn’t have been a successful sleepover.


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Childhood Lost

A couple days ago I asked Paul if he was going to see Disney Pixar’s Brave with me. He replied, “Ughh no. That’s for kids.” Yes. Kids and 24 year old girls named Lily. Childhood goes by so quickly and all the fun stuff you do when you’re young is frowned upon when you’re older. Why is that? Why can’t childhood last forever? Why do we have to grow up and clean things and pay taxes and pretend to care about politics and the earth and other people? Childhood was such a selfish time. Maybe that’s why I miss it.

I remember my first taste of people making me feel bad for unleashing my inner child was during my first year of college in Utah. It was October and my friends and I wanted to go trick or treating. So we did. We got a lot of weird looks from parents and children that we passed on the street. I distinctly remembering a woman asking us, “Aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating?” We said uhhh no? She then said, “Are you going to go sit on Santa’s lap too?” You know what lady? WHAT IF I AM? Just because you’re an old skank, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the holidays!

I take the kids I babysit to McDonald’s more than the average person should eat there. It’s turning into Supersize Me. Which I’m totes okay with. Every so often I have to help one of them get into the Play Place. It’s usually the youngest who can’t reach the top step or something like that. I’ll look around the room, trying to suppress my desire to climb to the top and go down the slide over and over. I would no doubt be king of the castle and everyone else would be my dirty rascals. I’ve given into temptation a couple of times. Some of the parents smile and some look the other way. Yeah, they better look the other way or else they’re gonna get a milkshake straight to the face.

I also experience the same hate/jealousy around vacation time. My family has been going to Disney World since I was a wee lass. I remember in high school and college people would ask me where I was going for Spring Break. I wouldn’t say Miami or Cabo or LA. I would tell them I was going to Disney World. I could tell they thought I was lame, but you know what? There are probably more adults visiting Disney World than kids. And maybe I enjoy getting an autograph from my favorite Disney characters every so often. And seeing fireworks every night. And walking down Main Street USA. Whatevs.

Paul and I had Netflix for a bit. It was okay but the selection of movies wasn’t superb. One day while Paul was at work, I was checking out Netflix and I saw that they had episodes of Rugrats available! Without batting an eye I ordered one episode and re-lived a bit of my childhood. When Paul came home from work he said, “I know what you’ve been doing.” I looked at him like he was a psycho. Then he said “How was Rugrats?” How did he know?!?! I guess Netflix had sent him an email that said, “Hope you enjoyed your viewing of Rugrats!” We canceled our Netflix subscription after that.

People are always going to judge you when you do things to make yourself happy. Don’t listen to them! Like philosopher/songstress Natasha Bedingfield said, Release your inhibitions! If you want to reminisce and feel like a kid again, you should. I got fro-yo two nights ago and covered it in rainbow sprinkles like I was 5 years old because I don’t care what anyone thinks. Be happy, have fun, be yourself.