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Music Review: Japandroids

I was lucky enough to get tickets to a Japandroids concert last month here in my new hometown of Victoria, B.C. My little slice of Canada doesn’t get too many good shows, but Japandroids are from Vancouver so adding Victoria to their tour probably just felt right. And I, for one, am thankful that they came here.

I hadn’t been to a rock concert in a long time. I was kind of psyched to dance to fast-paced songs all night and get knocked around a bit. My husband and I somehow managed to get in the front row, right behind the barricade so we were involved in all the concert action. There was lots of moshing–our friend even lost his glasses in the pit. Super hard core.

The ‘droids have two studio albums and one compilation album. Their most recent album, Celebration Rock, is the one that I’m the most familiar with. However, they played songs off of all their albums that night and I’m pretty sure they played their two studio albums in full.Japandroids

Some of my favorite tracks from Celebration Rock are “The House That Heaven Built”, “Fire’s Highway”, and “Adrenaline Nightshift”. Their lyrics are fun to shout and super great if you’re looking for new tunes for your workouts. My favorite lyrics would have to be from “The House That Heaven Built” that say “When they love you and they will, Tell them all, they’ll love in my shadow, And if they try to slow you down, Tell them all, to go to hell.”

Surprisingly, the group is made up of only two people. For all the sound that they make, it’s impressive to think that there are only two instruments played by two vocalists. The duo put on a great and entertaining show that kept everyone on their toes. They asked the audience to go as crazy as possible and I could see the guards rolling their eyes.  There was a lot of crowd surfing, people running on stage, and many a beer sprayed. Insanity ensued.

I would totally suggest seeing Japandroids if they come to a city near you. I had an awesome night and would definitely see them again.