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The Naked Bike Ride

Yesterday, I was just minding my own business at Starbucks when I heard some ruckus down the road. Before my brain could process what was happening, I thought to myself, “Hey those bike riders look like they’re naked.” And hey, guess what? They were.

I witnessed The Naked Bike Ride. I wasn’t prepared to see floppy boobs and small penises during my Starbucks outing, but I guess it was my lucky day. There was even someone ballsy enough to roller-blade (yay?). My husband and the rest of the Starbucks diners were laughing and giggling and Paul leaned over and said to me, “Only in Victoria.”

Naked Bike Ride Victoria

Naked Bike Ride Victoria

Turns out Victoria wasn’t the only lucky spot in the world. The Naked Bike Ride occurred all over the place! Cities throughout North America and Europe have participated in the Naked Bike Ride. Riders decorate their bodies with paint and other materials, or just go naked. Personally, I think riding a bike with clothes on is painful enough around the groin area, so why would anyone want to subject themselves to the harsh seats of bikes without any protection?

Because they want to be noticed, of course! The Naked Bike Ride isn’t just for shits and gigs (at least, lets hope shits aren’t involved). They’re around to raise awareness for various causes. I think the first bike ride took place in British Columbia in 2003 where the riders simply rode for peace. The ride this year was to protest against oil dependency and in favor of sustainable transportation.

I’m not a big awareness gal. Like, if people try to stop me on the sidewalk to talk about random causes where they need my support and money, all of a sudden I’m “in a huge rush!” The only thing I really care about is helping animals. That being said, I totes respect the naked riders because I definitely couldn’t do that. A lot of the girls were wearing undies though. Why were the men so eager to get naked but the women will only go halfway. Go big or go home, right?

Did you see any naked riders in your neck of the woods? Were you scarred for life or did you love it?