So ummm ehm I started playing World of Warcraft. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing half the time, but I like it. And my character looks cool. And my friend plays too so we can skype and run around playing the game together.

The thing is, for some reason (and people have warned me about this), it’s very addicting. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Youtube video of the boy whose mother cancels his WoW account, but he literally goes ballistic. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen.

I don’t know what it is that I find so addicting really. You have to complete quests which causes you to level up. I’m only level 9, but that’s after 2 days of playing. Collecting items and completing quests is what really hooked me in. If I look back into my childhood, every interest that I had, had to do with collecting something. Whether it be Beanie Babies, collecting stars on Super Mario 64, or catching all of the Pokemon (I mean, their tagline was “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” Genius!) Kids and apparently 24 year olds like trying to complete missions by getting everything they need. Maybe it gives us a sense of purpose. Hey, I don’t pay the bills, but maybe I can become a level 15 Draenei and everything will be okay.

That’s another thing. Draenei. I love saying all of the names in the game because they make me sound so nerdy and weird. Like most games, it’s a battle of good against evil. I’m on the good side obviously.

So much likeness.

I can see why people play so much. It’s probably like a Catfish thing where they get to be someone else…like an elf or a dwarf. My friend knows someone who’s girlfriend dumped them for someone she met on World of Warcraft. No joke! What would happen when they went to meet each other? Immediate disappointment because neither of them looked like mythical creatures?

Just a quick little poll (but I’m not gonna make an actual poll–just tell me) : Which do you think is nerdier, World of Warcraft or Magic: The Gathering?



Paul and I decided to rent some movies last night. We canceled our Netflix subscription because we never ended up using it. I used it a couple of times to watch Rugrats episodes to fulfill my nostalgia quota, but I don’t think we really got our money’s worth. I wasn’t going to tell Paul about Rugrats, but Netflix sent Paul an email asking how he enjoyed watching it. I got made fun of a lot for that one.

So we went to one of the 3 video stores left in the entire world and picked out some movies. It was 9:45pm and they closed at 10 so I was kind of pressed for time. I couldn’t browse the store like I wanted to. This place has about every movie ever–top notch selection. I wanted to rent “Like Crazy” because I heard it was good, but they were all rented out! Grr. So I grabbed Catfish and Paul picked some weird Nazi movie with Stanley Tucci and Kenneth Branagh. Seriously.

We watched Catfish and it was about as weird as I thought it would be. If you want to see the movie, stop reading now because I’m going to spoil it for you.

The main character, Nev (prononuced Neev) Schulman is just your typical Jewish New York photographer. One of his pictures got published in a magazine. A 9 year old girl, Abby, painted a picture of his photograph and sent it to him. Nev was flattered and he started to write back and forth with Abby, sending her more photos for her to paint.

Yaniv "Nev" Schulman

This seems harmless to me. Granted, it’s still weird for a 24 year old guy to be emailing a 9 year old girl. Even if it’s purely innocent. Nev eventually comes in contact with Abby’s mom, Angela, and Abby’s half-sister Megan. He’s spoken to all 3 of them on the phone, becoming facebook friends with all of them, texting them, etc. Nev and Megan end up talking a lot. They flirt, they call each other “babe” and they seem like they would date if they weren’t separated by the distance (Megan and her family live in Michigan).

Megan claims to be an artsy type–she dances, and sings. She sends Nev some songs that she’s recorded and he very impressed. He searches the songs online and finds out that she actually didn’t sing them, she just stole them from youtube. He get’s super freaked out by this. If she lied about her songs, what else is she lying about?

Nev, his brother Rel (WHO NAMED THESE KIDS?), and their friend Henry decide to go to Angela, Abby, and Megan’s house. Yeah guys, why the hell not? They go to their house and find this older, creepy woman (who is indeed Angela) who takes care of her husband’s two mentally challenged children from his past marriage. She proceeds to lie about things until they call her out. She admits that she was the one painting the pictures for him, not Abby. Pretending to be your 9 year old daughter is always a normal move. She also admits that Megan is actually in rehab for alcoholism, so she was actually pretending to be her as well. Talking on the phone with Nev, texting Nev, calling him babe, and handsome…it’s just all so weird.


During their meeting she also tells them that she has cancer. So they guys leave Michigan kind of amazed that someone could fool them and make up a totally different life. But you can tell that they also feel bad for her. Clearly she used her alter egos as some sort of an escape mechanism. She obviously wishes she could be a painter, or a beautiful dancer and singer. But instead she’s stuck taking care of people who are fully dependent on her.

Right before the credits you learn that Angela actually doesn’t have cancer or another daughter Megan. That probably creeped me out the most. Even when she was coming clean, she still had to spew out lies. I don’t understand why some people aren’t okay with telling the truth. Then they get caught in their lies and STILL LIE.

Lying is the one thing that anyone can do. Anyone can lie to you. Kids can lie, adults lie, high authorities lie–anyone can. The internet is weird that way. People can make their lies almost become a reality. There’s bound to be a Word Press user or two who aren’t who they say they are. I could be Stephanie In Florida for all you know.