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Mad Hatter

Remember when Kate Middleton and what’s-his-name came to “the Americas” and gallivanted around, talking to people and pretending they were interested in Calgary, Alberta? Yeah, good times. Kate’s outfits were alright, but they weren’t outstanding. I think Kate could have done a little more to honor Canada instead of wearing traditional royal garb.

Whenever I go to a different country, I make sure to dress appropriately. Example #1: In Edinburgh, Scotland I wore my finest kilt.

I even matched the store's display!

Example #2: In Paris I didn’t go anywhere without my beret!

I was the best thing about Versailles.

Example #3: You’ve already seen a picture of me in my Dale of Norway traditional sweater!

I think Kate could have stepped out of the box in the hat department if you ask me. I’m thinking something along the lines of this:

The "Lady Puckingham"

Or perhaps if she wanted to recreate a personal favorite with a touch of Canada, she could have opted for this:

Phillip Treacy would be proud.

And if she really wanted to catch the attention of environmentalists, she could have always gone for the goose covered in oil. And she could have re-used that hat in her trip to the United States. They always talk about how she likes to recycle her clothes and how she’s a “people’s princess.” I’m just throwing ideas around. You can look at more hats here.

Unique, but not overly-busy.