Girl Crush Of The Week: Cara Delevingne

I’ve been following my girl Cara D. for a while but I never had a reason to blog about her. Now that I have weekly girl crushes (I swear I’m not a lez…maybe) I’m free to write about anyone my heart desires. As long it’s a girl. ¬†And she’s hot.

I feel like Cara Delevingne has been in the modeling scene for a while but I didn’t take notice of her until Tumblr started pushing pictures of her in my face and now I’m like, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE, CARA?tumblr_mfbq9qSixE1rh56oxo1_500

This British gal, sister to Poppy Delevingne–model/socialite, has become the new face of everything. She’s like, the perfect model. She’s wispy, weird looking, and wonderfully whimsical. Try saying that 3 times fast LOL! Actually, please don’t because I hate when people do that. It’s like, oh congrats, you can say words?

I think I first started crushing on Cara was when I saw that she had her own unique sense of style and that she wasn’t afraid to be herself. She seems like she doesn’t take modeling very seriously (which is frustrating because so many people would die to have that job, but she’s like, yeah whatevs) and she’s making not-caring look really chic which is totally my thing, but okay.885d6__large-21139510

I watched her in an interview once and she was very bubbly and happy–making jokes and laughing about everything. She even confessed to playing video games a lot which makes me feel like we could be soul sisters.

Every designer and their mom has recruited Cara to be the face of their brand-from H&M to Burberry, Zara to Chanel, Victoria’s Secret to Oscar de la Renta. I even spotted her in the movie Anna Karenina. And now she’s on my blog. What will she do next?!

I don't feel comfortable with her this close to Eddie, but I will let it slide for the sake of a good Burb ad.

I don’t feel comfortable with her this close to Eddie, but I’ll let it slide for the sake of a good Burb ad.



Dress to Impress

I’m at the age where my friends are starting to have babies. My facebook is filled with pictures of babies. Cute babies. And extremely well-dressed babies. I often think back to when we 80’s babies were born. Let’s be real, we looked gross. Back then there wasn’t a style for kid’s clothing. It was just whatever was laying around. In these very modern times kids are now dressing better than adults. But I’ll tell you what–my kid is gonna look like crap, and they’re gonna like it.

All this fuss over kids looking perfect started to grow with the children of Hollywood. We pay more attention to them than the people in our families (at least I do). We are constantly studying what actors and actresses are wearing and what their kids look like. But hey, it’s fun to judge other people! Take it from little Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, one of the best fashion critics around. (I hope none of you think I’m actually referring to the real Suri Cruise because I don’t think she can spell her name yet, never mind judge people.)

Victoria Beckham’s son, Romeo, has been selected as the new face for Burberry. Don’t get me wrong, he can work a trench, but I feel like this is setting an unrealistic standard for other kids. How can they live up to a kid who was made with a gene pool built for gods and goddesses?Romeo Beckham in Burberry spring/summer 2013 campaign

It seems that almost every designer brand now has a children’s line or a baby line. It’s frivolous and unnecessary because kids, especially babies, grow out of their clothes so quickly. Why bother? I won’t lie, seeing children dressed nicely for special occasions is sweet, but seeing them dolled up all the time makes me wonder what kind of perfect facade parents want to shelter their children under.

One of the best parts about being a kid is figuring out how to dress yourself and doing an absolutely terrible job at it. I remember getting a crocheted top that was meant to go over a tank top for Christmas one year when I was around 8 years old. I went to try it on upstairs and came down with no shirt underneath. You could clearly see my prepubescent nipples.

There was also nothing better than finding a staple outfit. And by staple outfit, I mean one that you can wear literally every day. I found my perfect outfit at Old Navy when I was 9. It was a denim dress with snap buttons going up the middle. I thought I looked like a classy broad in that dress. It was so comfortable and easy to throw on.

I had the same fashion sense as Dawn Wiener.

I had the same fashion sense as Dawn Wiener.

Also, if kids always look cute, they’ll never be embarrassed by old photos and videos which will cause their egos to inflate and we’ll have ourselves a world of narcissists. You see, there’s only room for one narcissist in this world and that’s me.